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  1. Hi, https://tokka.biz/sword/sukemune4.html
  2. Hi Gilles, May be this one match ? https://www.samurai-nippon.net/SHOP/M-991.html
  3. Or this one ? https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-suifu-jyu-norikatsu-takeda-kimiyoshi-saku-no/ and https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-suifu-ju-norikatsutokkatsu-1st-generation-ansei-4-nen-2-gatsuhi/
  4. Bonsoir, Like this one ? https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-tenpo-14-nen-mizunotou-2gatsu-hatsuumahi-seimei-syousin-shinritu-chikai-syoan-kunihide-gei-ketsugi-jyosyu-annaka-kosakahashi-fujiwara-seian-ani-iwi-den-sosyu-masamune-matsuyo-tachibana-inryusi/
  5. Je suis aussi ce post sur le forum: http://www.passionmilitaria.com/t176577-infos-sur-un-wakisachi Je ne conseille que trop aux francophones de se munir des livres de Serge Degore (Koto, Shinto et Shin shinto) qui sont une bonne base. Cordialement.
  6. Hi, It's not true. he isn't the pupil of him. Never...
  7. Hi Ed, Need a low to medium quality for a shinken.
  8. Hi, I m looking for a katana tsuba sizes with botan and shishi or with silver rim. Thanks.
  9. Some short yaris of myoju , few hizento, some mishina.......and many other.
  10. Hi, just went today. Too many poeple . Many good swords. Plenty awataguchi, rai, some hasebe, shintogo kunimitsu, masamune tanto, some horikawa blades, bizen kanemitsu, fujishima tomoshige, sukehiro, inoue shinkai, Kanenori, masamine, higo, dotanuki, kunikane. Utsuri on some of them, perfect polish but one at the end rusted. 1500 yens fee and 2600 yens the heavy exhibition book. No photos inside...... Close the muséum, the nice Sanjusangendo.
  11. Hi Toshi Tomo with kao. http://www.sho-shin.com/toshnaga.htm
  12. http://www.nipponto.co.jp/swords4/KY329570.htm
  13. Hi, Mr Sabatier, i understand you are disapointed but in spite of your friend can say, http://www.passionmilitaria.com/t143947-information-et-identification-sur-un-tanto I'm sorry but your blade is not genuine. Some of members of this forum are well known in the nihonto word. Si vous souhaitez de la documentation sur le sabre japonais, je vous conseille les livres de Serge Degore et en particulier Nippon-to. Regards.
  14. Jean, i understand....it was impossible for me i Work this week-end. Maybe the next time. However, i Will be at the november DTI.
  15. Hi members, Is Masahide grave is near to the new Nbthk ? If yes, someone knows where ???? Thanks a lot.
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