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  1. Your right I'm very thankful for the help, this sword may not be a national treasure but I'm glad to finally own a gendaito naval katana
  2. Also I can't figure out how to attach my signature to the post sorry about that
  3. Hi everyone Thank you for all the help so far here are the promised pictures of the signature, I'm really glad to hear that the signature maybe correct, could you please clarify what fourth seat means I have done some reading and found the same info but I'm not sure how to interpret it. Sincerely Chris
  4. It's what I was told before I purchased it and from my limited skills it seemed correct I will upload better pictures of the signature today
  5. I recently added this sword to my collection but translations are not my srong suit and was wondering if this is a genuine akikuni gendaito blade it came with a company officer tassel and a low quality sarute. I'm also wondering if it is worth the cost to buy a better sarute and a replacement tassel to display the sword
  6. I believe your right I found a similar stamp on a bayonet once I had the name mukden to look for Thank you that's one mystery solved
  7. Thanks for the help and I believe your right about the faded tassel definitely explains why I couldn't find any others like it or any information on it
  8. i recently purchased this katana from the descendant of a WWII vet the story is that his unit raided a sword armory and this one was hanging in the only office. i assume that it belonged to the officer in charge of the armory but their are a few things i need help with. one is a stamp on the blade that i dont recognize but assume means it is a machine made blade, i also havnt had any luck translating the tang. the second is the tassel it is a brown tassel but has a yellow loop on the end and is the first i have seen like this. p.s. if any one knows anything about a green/brown rank tassel that would also be appreciated i havnt been able to find anything about a green brown combo but know that blue brown is company grade
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