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  1. I use the App --- Aftership.   also i can recommend putting same tracking number in for both the senders delivery system and the local receivers delivery system.  If i receive something from Japan Post, and then local Hong Kong Post   but same tracking number.  The JP will update after HK Post once it lands in HK, Customs, distribution, and delivery



    When was the parcel shipped? It's not unusual for it to take 2-3 weeks before you get updates from Australia. It will update on the Australia post website before the Royal Mail site.


    If you've got an Android/iOS phone, install one of the parcel tracking apps, set the tracking number to australia post and it will notify you the minute the tracking number gets updates.

  2. Thanks. Markus is a too high authority. I would like to find somebody of lesser caliber.

    i have found Markus' price to be quite reasonable for the quality.  You are asking for a very specific set of skills, a set of skills that Markus has.  Why not use Google translate, then if his rate is the problem

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