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  1. I mostly collect Tsuba,and other odd fittings..I made my cases as needed. Bob
  2. I have found a few tsuba over the years i really liked,these being a few. Bob F
  3. A big "Thanks" to Eric, the Compton part 1 catalog is awesome,It was a pleasure doing business, i'm so pleased to have found this great group of knowledgable people at last,I feel like i've been winging it for to long. Bob
  4. K Morita, Thank you very much for the insight on the meaning of script. I am very happy to have been helped by such knowledgeable people. Bob
  5. Robert, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, much appreciated. Bob
  6. Hello All, My apologies in advance, this is my first post on NMB. I have had this bowl for abt 15 years, (I found it in a yard sale for 3 dollars) and have not seen anything close to it. The city in which I found it is noted for a large artist community, and I was not sure if this is just a local artist piece or something more. I've always liked it, regardless. Any thoughts on origin,translation, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob
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