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  1. I went back and took another look at the tsuba with a loupe and it seems like those are the correct characters. Thanks for the lead Mauro, and thanks to Ian for mentioning Tetsugendo earlier. I flipped through the pictures and didn't see a connection but I didn't realize you were reading the characters off the piece. The signaure on the piece shown in wikipedia looks extremely similar as well. Thanks again everyone. Also, not to start the debate back up again, but there is some rust on the tsuba that I'd like to get rid of. So what's the final word? Oil or no oil?
  2. Here are some pics of the nakago. I probably should have just included them last night but I wasn't sure if they would be relevant. http://imgur.com/a/T9Dbm Edit: Also, looking at these pictures has reminded me how dirty this thing is. Is there a recommended method for cleaning this stuff? Maybe a toothbrush with some soap and water or an ultrasonic bath? Again, thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all. I've had a sword floating around the house for a while and the other day I decided to try and do some research on it. According to a member on another forum (Reddit), it's an antique Japanese tanto from the shinshinto period. I took it apart to take some pictures of the tang, and there were quite a few markings on the tsuba that I was hoping you guys might be able to help decode. There were no markings on the tang, so I'm hoping that the tsuba might be able to tell me a little more about the history of the sword. I know that the fittings were changed pretty often, but this would at least give me a jumping off point. I only have a few pictures of it, but they should be clear enough to read the writing and see the design. I can provide more pictures if needed. Thanks in advance for your help. Since one of my pictures is more than halfway to the file size limit, here's a link to an album I made with a bunch of pictures of the sword. http://imgur.com/a/WzV2m
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