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  1. Most interesting Morita san. I did not know Mitsuoki was used by Shibata Ka. Have you additional photos of the blade Tobias?
  2. Lovely blade Joe. My experience with Ed has been equally rewarding.
  3. Looks to a hagire about 1/2" in front of the ha-machi. If so, it is a fatal flaw.
  4. 3, 8, 9. Fun exercise, but difficult with a single photo...
  5. Will NTHK papers suffice Jocke?:
  6. Have you cleaned the blade? It looks similar to the effect "Saran Wrap" leaves on a blade when wrapped with it.
  7. My business makes it difficult to commit to an event which is months in advance. Your "mail in/at home" shinsa holds some attraction for me because of this Chris.
  8. Appears to be hagire, which yes-is a fatal flaw.
  9. A "Showato" can be anything other than made from tamahagane, yaki-ire to form hamon/tempered edge and H2O quenched-which is a traditionally forged Japanese sword-"Nihonto". You alone can decide if this blade is preferable to a modern Shinken. My thought is I would prefer a Japanese blade with some history (even Showato) than a run of the mill Shinken. Regards.
  10. Doesn't look to be a fake. Appears a stamp has been removed from nakago. Looks like a Showa-to: non traditionally made.
  11. I like that a great deal. If this is a Star stamped blade no wonder it is "big and beefy". The RJT specs call for "big and beefy". Enjoy your blade.
  12. It certainly appears to be an authentic Ichihara Nagamitsu blade. I have no knowledge of this seller, however I'm certain some of the "Oz" contingent will be of help (George san?).
  13. Hi-res photos would be nice. I could see virtually nothing (detail) of hamon/mei (signature on "tang"-nakago) with the camera panning to and fro. The tsuka cover is not rare. Could be a nice blade.
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