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  1. Thanks for such a quick response Steve. I felt sure from its characteristics that the sword was late koto, so it is good to have that attribution confirmed.
  2. I would be grateful for some help with the full inscription for the maker on this old NBTHK certificate. The two character signature on the sword is Nobukane, and that can be seen in the second column, but I would like to know what else the certificate says about which Nobukane it might be. Normally I can work this out from my books, but this one has defeated me. Any help would be appreciated, please.
  3. Hi John Thanks very much. It seems to have the ageing attributes of a blade that old and is still attractive despite the signs of ageing and many polishes, so probably worth submitting to shinsa sometime. Regards Bill
  4. I recently acquired an unpapered wakizashi which is signed Soshu junin Hiromitsu, with what appears to be a date on the other side. I have tried to translate it without success. These are the best images of rather the corroded kanji I could produce. I have included one of the mei and a couple of the whole sword. I do not have the smarts to produce high quality images, but I hope there is enough there. Any advice would be much appreciated. Bill Taylor
  5. Thanks Jussi. I appreciate the quick and knowledgeable assistance. I am glad you left it - I normally prefer blades with koshirae, but this was too tempting.
  6. Hi all I am hoping someone can assist with the comments in brackets under the Kunishige mei in the third column on the attached paper from NBTHK. I generally puzzle my way through mei and the standard information sections on NTHK and NBTHK kanteisho, but this particular set of kanji have eluded me. I have attached the paper and some pics of the nakago etc to put the comments in context. Sorry about the amateurish standard of photography). Any help would be appreciated.
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