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  1. Thank yo for you your answer. I fink also the polish is bad and "hamon" etched.
  2. Thank you so much for your answer. It's very important information
  3. I also wanted to know your opinion on originality? The handle was badly tightened and will be given to a professional for restoration
  4. hello to collectors and connoisseurs. one of my acquaintances bought what he said was a "sword of the mounted police", but I have doubts about this item. I didn't like the handle: engraving, leather-covered handle, brass details. Unfortunately, the blade is hard to see in the photo. (I did not see the sword alive only from the photo)
  5. hello to collectors and experts, I want to ask you for help in translating the inscription on the shank, I will be grateful
  6. Hey. Colleagues. Lovers of Japanese edged weapons. Please help me translate this document. I will be very grateful.
  7. Help definition original or not? Japanese NCO sword type 95 https://photos.app.goo.gl/2j3fPCyP89spxJk67
  8. Thanks for your comments. And the weight of the blade does not bother? The blade is heavy, following the example of the swords of period 2 of the world singunto. hamon browsing you can see it in this photo.
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