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    Hi, i sell antique weapon www.antiquegallery.com.ua
  1. Hey. Colleagues. Lovers of Japanese edged weapons. Please help me translate this document. I will be very grateful.
  2. Help definition original or not? Japanese NCO sword type 95 https://photos.app.goo.gl/2j3fPCyP89spxJk67
  3. Thanks for your comments. And the weight of the blade does not bother? The blade is heavy, following the example of the swords of period 2 of the world singunto. hamon browsing you can see it in this photo.
  4. I am offered to buy a sword, but I have a doubt.Please speak out on the sword. I can add information that the blade is heavy.
  5. in English, I only have this book Fuller and Gregory's book
  6. Thank you very much . I think about a multilingual site. but there will be difficulties when translating many words .. but I will try. I want to run video content with a story. I think soon I will launch the beta site in English via Google translator.
  7. I have a Russian version of the book Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory, in the English version of this book I can not find this information.
  8. Hey. I have such an interesting dirk. Can anyone have more information about this dirk? or photos from catalogs or books? You can see more photo and video in website https://antiquegallery.com.ua/product/Japanese-police-dirk/
  9. Thank you very much. very useful information. Can you say the name of the book?
  10. Hello to all . Asking for help again. I want to translate the inscription on the shank of Katana. I think the blade was made during World War 2
  11. Thanks for the information. I removed this item from the sale.
  12. Thank you for your comment. This is very important. Now I do not have a photo of this item, I offer to buy this item. but now I refuse. I will soon try to take this item from the seller and make the photo better, so that everything could be seen. Thank you and with respect.
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