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  1. .. Koiguchui without locking pin opening.
  2. One lst price drop to USD 1750 for a rare shaped Tanto in nice mounts.
  3. I will consider reasonable offers till tomorrow.
  4. Price reductions Farmer Kozuka USD 230.00 Shibuichi Priest Kozuka USD 270.00 Dragon Kozuka USD 190.00 Wasp Kozuka USD 140.00 Shibuichi Deer & Moon Kozuka USD 250 Tachi Kozuka Dark Shakudo USD 250 Wasp Kozuka USD 240 Fox Kozuka USD 180.00 Tea Ceremony Kozuka. Brass with black Urushi USD 150.00 Kichen Knife Tea Ceremony Kozuka USD 40.00 Crane Kozuka USD 200.00 Flower Kozuka USD 150.00 Bee Kogai USD 270.00
  5. Price Cut to USD 3900.00 to fund another purchase.
  6. Preferable Soft Metal. Thank you
  7. Why not put it on conseignment with a reputable dealer like Darcy, Andy, Ray or many others. They take less comission fee, do a better job and are probably adressing better to the potential buyers market. I tink Darcy would be a top choice for a top blade. My 2cents.
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