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  1. Hello Ian, I look forward to seeing you blade. Maybe you can find some Oshigata to compare to
  2. Yes, that is the one. The papered one had been for on this forum some time ago. Definately a great piece
  3. I will no longer reply to your posts. Thanks anybody else who has something to add to the signature
  4. That is offtopic and not part of this discussion. Before aynthing is sent for polishing it first needs to be determined if it is worth teh effort. Gimei or Mumei Muromachi hardly is
  5. Thank you Ray. Unfortunately the Nakago is in poor condition. The blade has seen some polishes, too but should probably polish up well. It was mainly the mounts and the shape that attracted me.
  6. Yes you are of course right Ray. Typo. Yes it is Katakiriba which is not a common trait.
  7. Since I am lacking the needed Oshiagata, I am seeking advice on which Bizen Osafune Normitsu this 1473 dated blade wants to be - and if it is possibly a good match for that smith. Thank you for your oppinions
  8. Thank you Steve! Unfortunately that blade has no Kanteisho. I am undecided wheter there was really a cutting tester by that name - or if it is possibly all bogus?
  9. I did not count in the Ko Gatana as I am very ignorant about those. But just the Kozuka was striking. I think Darcy has once has a very similar one on hios website and I think it was in the 2.5 to 3k range if I am not mistaken
  10. Hello, is anybody familiar with a teste cutter name Gotō Heisaku? He ought to have been active in the mid 19th century. I could not come up with anything through Google. Thank you!
  11. Hello Bob, I understand your reasoning. Assuming it is a very old blade there had been plenty of time to add or remove a signature at any stage - while this may just be some rubbing. More important I wonder if you had any specific school in mind for this blade?
  12. PS: That is the area where it looked like a signature may have been removed
  13. Hello Bob, I agree that was a very neat looking Jigane. It struck me. However my impressionw as that it was a later piece. I would have no older than Muromachi-. But I may be mislead by the (later added?) Horimono and condition of Nakago. I fully understand your reasoning on the mounts and I would also try to stay save and bid for what I felt the mounts were worth (to me). I really did like the Habaki, Kozuka and Saya mounts. The FK and Tsuba were not my personal taste. Just the Kozuka could have been in the 2k range easily in my oppinion. Beautifull I agree that this could definatel have been a Nambokucho blade. On one side the Nakago seems to have lost some patina. Not sure about it. That is a good reasonmig. My impression was that most pieces had late Edo or Meiji periode mounts, too. The fact that we had some obvious Gimei there may be a hint to handle everything with a grain of salt. This I felt very excited about this auction as it was really what you would call an old collection coming out of the woodwork. Getting older myself I see swords flood around that I have seen multiple times over the years. This stuff however sure is new and it will be interesting to see if we may see some blades again in the future with or without papers. By the way Bob: Thanks for talking. While I was not getting anything nor you were I just enjoy discussing this like the aftermath of a boxing match (where the outcome is however more clear )
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