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  1. Hello Volker it a piece of faux leather / pvc that I had bought for purpose of taking images
  2. Hello Tom, thanks for your kind remarks. My thinlimng was Mid Muromachi but I am just a well know Kantei idiot and it has never been to Shinsa.
  3. Since I am tempted with another purchase I decided to put this back on the market. I have owned this sword for many years and the common oppinion is Mihara school. No doubt about Koto periode. I dare to say that this is a quality sword with much to enjoy. Good Horimono. Nice Hada. There are long Chikei. The blade is in polish with some small nail catchers in the cutting edge which the last polisher choose to not remove as they are minor versus the metal removal needed. The Koshirae consist of a Moko iron Tsuba, Soten style Fuchi / Kashira and Menuki and a black Urushi saya with some lacquer losses as expected with an old things. What is nice is the lacquered leathr Ito of the Tsuka. Again please excuse my poor photography. I can gurantee that the blade looks better in person than on my lousy images. USD 3900,- plus shipping. Located in Europe so no custom fees.
  4. This O-Ta to was awarded Hozon Token by the NBTHK. It is signed Kanechika. Obviosuly a Mino smiths. There are several smithes by that name. The papers do not state whch one but I would want to think it is the Shinshinto smith from 1789. This is a very flashy piece with - in my oppinion - very attractive, eye cataching Hamon that goes along the Mune (Muneyaki) It is in full polish. Unfortunately the very tip of the Kissaki is slightly bend this is maybe 0.5mm and an easy fix for a polisher but it is unfortunate since this must happend at customs due to improper handling. There is a single Bohi on one side. Inside the Bohi, below and underneath the Habaki there is some Kitaekizu on that side.No show stopper but I always try to be accurate. With Shakudo covered Habaki and housed in a Shirasaya with Horn parts. USD 2500 or Euro 2250 plus shipping. EUro 20.00 within Europe or USD 50.00 worldwide. Since located in Europe there are no custom fees.
  5. I have owned this sword for over a decade. An unsigned Tanto blade that looks old Koto to me in contemporary Aikuchi Koshirae. The blade is in full Japanese polish and its Koshirae was made carefully featuring polished Buffalo Horn mounts along with a Saya with polished abalone / ray skin inserts. Both modest and flashy. Solid Silvere Habaki. The blade has a very nice blueish look to it with very rough Hada and narrow Suguha Hamon. There is one Kizu (Ware within the Hamon) that I have highlighted. I think this is am interesting candidate for Shinsa. USD 1900 or Euro 1700.00 Located in Europe so no import tax. Shipping within Europe 20 Euro ... worldwide USD 35.00
  6. Bump. Thius one really puzzles me to be still around with me. It is a good sword.
  7. Don't forget that this great piece of controversy is actually available for sale! I have unfortunately zero need for it as a none military swords collector.
  8. https://www.bygoneblades.com/buy-Japanese-muromachi-period-wakizashi-sword-bizen-kunisumi-osafune-katsumitsu Unfortunately I think this is not a Bizen blade at all
  9. Hello Chris, I can make it 100 USD but shipping would like be around 30 USD
  10. PS: I am looking for Oshigata where he signed Bishu Osafune Katsumitsu without the Ukyo no Suke
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