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  1. ... but I ship worldwide of course and shipping isn't really expensive ... should be about 40 - 50 USD wordlwide via DHL
  2. Hi, is it this guy? https://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-Japanese-SWORD-TSUBA-STORAGE-BOX-CUSTOM-MADE-1800S-Japan/154293697057
  3. I have no idea. That is why I asked as I could not see anything special in them ...
  4. I only wondered because I have an identical set but would not have given it such an optimistic attribution and evaluation.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japan-antique-Momoyama-era-Fine-bow-arrow-Shonai-school-Menuki-Box-sword-rare/324452946905
  6. Oh well ... this really kills buying from the UK or shipping there now on many occasions. A shame.
  7. SO if you get anything from Europe you mnow basically have to pay 20% VAT while it would have been no VAT applying before? I thought that since tehre was a Brexit deal at last there would be no tax for gods sent between teh EU and UK? Am I wrong?
  8. I have shipped an item to the UK from Europe and the receiver has been asked to pay around 20% import fees. Is this right?! I thought there had been a Brexit deal making shippiments between the UK and Europe free of any import duties? The receiver asked me to pay half of import duties which I do feel is not my responsibility by any means.
  9. Hello Tom, no it is NOT a pretty good sword. In my humble oppinion it is a decent starter sword. With a good JIgane to enjoy and study and is priced accordingly being suriage, not being in polish (while much is visible) and having unopened Fukure. I am not into cars but would say that a Porsche is a pretty good car in general but you have to pay accordingly. Again that depends on ones own expectations. In my cheap oppinion a pretty good Wakizashi will cost more than twice your budget. 5k and upwards will buy you a pretty good Wakizashi. At 1300 USD you will want to find the best bang for your buck but it will never be pretty good unless somebody give ist away way under its value ...
  10. there is a meterstab in the images given all the measurements
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