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  1. Preferable Soft Metal. Thank you
  2. Why not put it on conseignment with a reputable dealer like Darcy, Andy, Ray or many others. They take less comission fee, do a better job and are probably adressing better to the potential buyers market. I tink Darcy would be a top choice for a top blade. My 2cents.
  3. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately not at thus time. I was just looking for some information / oppinions on these Tsuba. I'm still interested in hearing what school / age people would give on the Tsuba in post number 4 http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/32437-attribution-of-some-tsuba/?do=findComment&comment=335077
  4. I wonder wha 9, 10 and 11 might be? 11 looks old to me. Maybe Ko Umetada? As a site note I was seeking oppinions also on FB and must say that it is shocking what "alternative facts" fundamentals I have been confronted with. The alternate reality was that these are all fakes, or that they are so inferior tzhat you can not tell a school on them and I should buy books and stop buying on eBay. Oh well ... (they are not coming off eBay by the way - but for one)
  5. @ Peter and Christoph: Thank you for your thoughts @ Bob: Thank you. You mean tsu1.xxx.jpg is a Tempo? I can see where you are coming from however I'm not sure on this one. The iron is strange with a redish texture. I think it is safe to say the water wheel is Heianjo and tsu5...jpg is bushu /choshu. What for example about tsu9 and tsu11 ?
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