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  1. Adam, if it is Nambokuchi then somebody may have made a good purchase. However my feeling is Murmomachi. Mekugi Anas all look to be drilled, not punched. Blade has O Kissaki but looks to be to slenderr for a stronbg Nambokucho Sugata. Also a bit short. At first glanced I thought it to be a pretty old thing but the more I looked the more I would want to think it is mid to late Muromachi periode. Mumei / O Suriage Muromachi does not make for a reasonable restoration project as a general rule.
  2. I did not bid but would like to hear what others think: https://www.ebay.com/itm/124824630086 I would vote for Muromachi Yamato school
  3. HelloSTephen, thank you but unfortunately IU would need them to be of a different material.
  4. Something like this but sized for a Tanto https://www.ebay.com/itm/294279357949
  5. If the conseignor of the recent Wolley & Wallis UK Tsuba auction is a board member or anybody knows him, I'd be interested in buying some of the unsold Tsuba. Thank you
  6. I think he used to have them made by Randy Black. Mike Virgadamo in Californa does very good quality and affordabkle Shirasaya
  7. Hello, can someone please help me with a translation of these two signatures on two Fuchi. I would also appreciate oppinions as to the validiity of the signatures since I have no reference material for Kodugu signatures. Thank you
  8. Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately my understanding is that Namikawas supplier has gone out of business and hence they can no longer provide the wood
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