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  1. Thank you, Chris Bowen. This all sounds a lot less expensive than a service I read up on recently, which would have costed nearly as much as a polish! Wow THanks a bunch Ricky
  2. Thanks again, Jean. I did not know you are from France! That changes the way I pronounce your name in my head!!! I will look into this proxy Shinsa. Everyday, something new. Thanks Ricky
  3. Hello, My name is Ricky, and I am extremely happy to have been turned on to this forum. I have always felt an admiration towards Samurai swords since childhood. It was not until military service brought me to Japan that I began to realize the dedication and craftsmanship that go into what that country's skilled masters produce and produced. I am 29 years old now and I have acquired my first sword, WWII era Shin Gunto Koshirae, with a blade signed Fujiwara Kunishige (pending authentication). I sought to purchase a Gunto due to their affordability and iconic look, as I feel owning a real Nihonto at this stage in my life is a bit of a stretch. After receiving this Gunto, my wife noticed that it has the Mon of the Naito family on the Kashira, leading me to believe that I could actually track down the family of the fallen officer in order to return what I believe to be a family heirloom. Not as easy as I thought AT ALL! Plus I don't even know if they would want it back. but It I found it extremely difficult to find the right statistics concerning fallen servicemen of the Imperial military. So, since giving up on that, it has been my mission as of late to show respect to the Japanese edged weapon by learning what I can about them, but I don't feel right using proper terminology, as I feel I should not do so until I actually understand what I am talking about. I reside in California, but I am originally from Philadelphia Pa. My wife is from Kawasaki Japan, and my daughter was made in Yokohama! My wife feels it is my duty to preserve the dignity of this sword, and I agree with her. I am hoping to make some friends here and share some thoughts and facts with one and other. Thats a little about myself, I am interested in learning about all of you seasoned experts and enthusiasts. thanks for reading Ricky
  4. Hi all, I am a member of a Blade Forum, which I will not mention by name. It is a cold and unforgiving theater of correspondence, seemingly based on a "Good 'Ol Boy" style model. I can not really speak for all aspects and persons involved with the forum at large, but by and large it doesn't seem to be a welcoming or helpful venue. What I want to say, is thank you to the members of this site. Everyone I encounter makes me a little better at understanding your world of beauty appreciation. Thats what I beleive lovers of Japanese swords are doing. apreciating beauty! And you share your knowledge with me; a person whom just barged in off the street demanding answers. The more i learn about the world of Japanese swords, the more a realize that I need to learn more. I ask asinine questions from time to time, but no one makes me feel silly for it. Thank you all for being nice people.
  5. Thank you for reminding me of that. Can you please give me a breif rundown on how it works? Am I to make a reservation, or is that for persons wishing to hold a display? Will I expect to mozey on down with my sword and wait in line for someone to look at it? I am writing this under the assumption that you have attended, If I am wrong, I apologize. Thank you
  6. This is getting interesting. I was on the NBTHK website this morning. I am glad to know that this is a good place to start. My major concern is the fees involved with authenticating a piece, or the adverse. Quick math suggests that the total cost of sending it to Japan and back for the appraisal would be in the neighborhood of $2000. A potentially costly gamble. How do you guys do it? It's making my head hurt, but at least I am getting some proper guidance. Cheers.
  7. Hmm, I don't know how to interpret this. The image was definitely not of my sword, but maybe same mei. The person speaking seemed to know at least sword lingo, but the person I bought it from knew nothing about swords at all. Neither did I. Also, this person claimed to have just been stationed in San Diego recently, which was evident by his lack of furniture or even a lamp in his apartment. His family is in Southern California though. I am beginning to feel hosed. Unless this is an extreme coincidence.
  8. Hah, Old Devil Dog! I was once a Squid! I will send pics over to you, or either post them to the site, whichever I can manage. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39438281@N ... 406332021/ Shout out to all fellow servicemen and women, past and present!
  9. Hi all, I am RIcky, and this is my first posting on this site. Thank you for having me. And thanks to the guys who invited me. I recently bought a family heirloom from a young Marine in California; a WWII officer's Gunto. The kanji on the tang reads Fujiwara Kunishige. Does anyone know about this maker? I have searched high and low on the web, but could only uncover trace details about him. I am very curious to know more about him and his life. If anyone can tell me anything, I would be very appreciative! If anyone would like to see pictures, let me know!
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