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  1. Hello, as for the menuki depends on a method used for assembly with the back sheet. But single menuki are rarely sellable for a reasonable price, At least 4-5 of all the kozuka are much higher level of craftsmanship than menuki. If there weren't holes their value could be quite good. Although some of them could be saved by filling the holes by the same material and by making an even type of surface. But the intervention will remain still obvious especially on smooth surface. Although, even with the holes they can be quite nice study pieces.
  2. As I realized these alloys were used for cast pieces. I doubt it was used for handmade pieces.
  3. It is modern fake piece Francesco. Be careful, there is a guy who make iron tsuba in shape of skull and sell it like antiques. In bad pictures it is not immediately obvious. I let him fool me once, but won't happen again.
  4. As for the mentioned price, athough I haven't seen the mentioned koshirae, to make hiqh quality koshirae would cost even more. I can make you matching missing parts for your saya if you are interested send me an email please.
  5. More silver tachi parts on the left. For more info about me and other works visit my website please. http://www.tosogu.cz
  6. These are finished fittings so far for a complete efu tachi set I am copperating with Japanese craftsmen on. Nakago ana on the tsuba, fuchi, kashira are not finished because need to be fitted on nakago with a habaki.
  7. I will make a set of Genpei war scene including f/k.
  8. Types of lacquer on saya: Tree bark imitation-juhi mitateai Cherry tree bark imittion-sakurgawa nuri Middle part - Nashiji by seashell.
  9. From a metal worker's point of view they are not so special at all. I have seen an original from an officer's dirk made of brass, though. There is usual metric M4 thread. The bolts are made with big crest clearance. So nothing precise. 100USD is really nonsense, 40USD is about reasonable price. Good metalworker with a lathe and a milling machine can make these for much less. I can make them including patina but don't have a lathe. To adjust old bolts won't work because these have no normalized measurements and would be lmost impossible to fasten them into a lathe chuck anyway. I let you know when I have access to a lathe or buy one.
  10. TosoguCz

    Tsuba Id

    Hello, they are both cast.
  11. I am sorry if you don't see it, but to teach such experienced NMB squad how to look at menuki construction seems to me be inadequate according my humble experience. So continue without me please.
  12. Although I didn't see the second pair before I have sent my posts here, by luck I found another set probably from the same mould. The both pairs looks identical at first glance. But they are not. I can't do more for you.
  13. I don't expect you will agree with me. I am just saying what I see. There is especially one construction detail which determines the making method. It was already mentioned, but it would look differently if it was formed from a sheet of metal. I don't want to argue with anybody. But if these pieces will go to shinsa and will be returned back with the same conclusion, then should be documented that somebody said it.
  14. I wouldn'd send them to shinsa because they are unfortunately cast.
  15. It is not completely matter of blade but rather tsuka. Ancient Japanese were small figure so their tsuka, thus also fuchi were also smaller. Today European and American are much bigger than Japanese in the ancient times, so bigger tsuka means more comfortable grip. Today's usual katana fuchi size for big westerners are aobut 40-41,5mm. But small person can require smaller fuchi about 38-39mm today too. Also fuchi is usually bigger than tsuka in the centre, but bokken have straight tsuka.
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