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  1. Hi Oleg,


    Not many replies so far, probably because its a difficult one.


    Does not land in Sue-Bizen for me. The blade itself looks well made and later, the nakago appears later.


    Without spending a lot of time looking at the clues its hard give an opinion. Was thinking one of the "country smith" schools that worked in other styles such as Bizen, maybe, forget the name as brain hasnt fired up yet. (so still considering late Koto)


    Got some clues there, file marks, shape of nakago, boshi (looks distinct) and clear blade showing details.


    If get time over next few days will take another look.



  2. 12 hours ago, SHObill said:

    Alex, really ? at $2200 you consider yourself a 'humble bottom dweller '  !!   Ok so I guess I know now where I am !    :(   haha  as long as you Enjoy the process is all that matters


    Hi Bill, your right, thats all that matters. Searching within what you can afford or what you want to spend can be a challenge but is always good fun and for me has been the best part of the hobby.


    Truth is, most folk cannot afford the swords they wish they could so there are always compromises.


    The tanto i mentioned above is something that may have been attractive to me on one of my sword hunts in the past but some would describe it as junk, its all relative. Well made, signed, old, authentic and i like the fact it is with its old fittings and probably been sat like that for quite some time. If you cant afford the top stuff then you have to find ways of enjoying stuff at the lower end, though this i must say can become futile and probably would make an interesting topic.


    There will always be good swords for lower prices. Sometimes best keeping purchases to yourself, forums are great as a whole but alas there are always one or two elitist (fake elitist) ******** that feel the need to rain on a parade 


    Anyways, happy hunting.



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  3. Thanks Steve, much appreciated.


    A small curiosity ive had for a while, good to throw some light on it.


    The page above is from "Bushido vol2 no1 1980" so a long time ago. The writer does speak of the sound only, be good to find out where they got their info from but doubt thats going to happen.


    Most of the smiths for both variants, 兼升 and   are pre 1600,


    Maybe with illiteracy in those times a little confusion but sounding the same, then maybe


    Cheers again! 





  4. Another long shot.


     Kanemasu blades being given as gifts ?, this is the only page i have ever seen it written.


    Common knowledge in Japan maybe :dunno:anyone know anything or seen it written elsewhere.

    Kanemasu gold.jpg

  5. The original point to this thread was to work out whether its a good idea to spend $4000 on it, just using the images available and not spending all day on it.


    A few observations that would personally put me off


    Its on Ebay, and no mention of papers.

    The ana look like they were cut yesterday with crisp edges and to me what looks like burrs visible

    Why so many ana ?, looks odd. Made to look o-suriage but the blade itself looks modern

    Saya looks modern with a crappy fit of the kojiri

    To me, the fittings look questionable, menuki look especially modern.

    The ito wrap looks modern.

    The blade was by so good to start with that they decided to shorten it by giving a tensho chop straight through the big clumsy mei lol


    I may be wrong but usually when i start start seeing stuff i dont like about a sword it makes me not want to spend money on it.


    Chinese have been making these long enough to maybe want to try a new spin on things and suck in some Ebay newbie.  ?


    Who knows, anyway, better stuff about that comes without ???????????????????????????????????????????





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  6. I mean this joking Phillip, but 100% full on mounted cavalry horses asses


    A few seconds looking at the nakago was enough to start alarm bells, perfect drilled ana and the mei, looks dodgy and its on EBAY,


    What the others have said.


    Look at sales pages here and well known dealers , buy a sword with papers, no rush.


    Never let the heart rule the head, as we all guilty of at some point.


    Loads of advice and info on this site regarding purchasing swords, 

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  7. Nice sword Luis, especially the bright and thick Habuchi which really stands out.


    Reminds me of Bungo too, i gues its the nakago that has you leaning towards Bizen too maybe ?, perhaps a good clear shot of the nakago the right way up might help.


    Seen it written that many Bungo swords resemble Bizen closely.


    One for Shinsa should it bother the buyer enough.



  8. Tracking at a few well known couriers is terrible these days, such things as 


    "we dont recognize the tracking number", even when typed in correctly


    As mentioned here, fine until it reaches the destination country then goes blank for weeks on end then just turns up, had it twice over recent years.


    Not just other countries, its gone bad just within my own country. Special delivery next day has took 3 days on some occasions lately.


    They get there, eventually.

  9. Yes, an ornamental Samurai sword i got when i was around 10 years old, never had the heart to get rid of it.


    Also, not so long after, a Ninja sword with a Towkay 440 steel blade (whatever that is) along with a bunch of throwing stars etc.


    Found a pic, xmas 1982. Easily pleased back then not like kids of today with the ps4 etc etc (i was a strange kid tho)


    It was all the Ninja movies at that time.


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  10. Personally, sometimes struggle with these old blades.


    Made so long ago and seen so much wear over the years that it shadows the blade it once was.


    Changes along the hamon, weaker in some areas than others, distraction for me and would probably end up getting a little bored. (at that price)


    As always, horses for courses.

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