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  1. Gentlemen! (and a few ladies as well!) itsumo osewa ni natte orimasu! (thank you for your patronage, always!) As you know, "samurai" means "to serve" so I always endeavor to do my best! Yorosohiku onegai itashimasu. (please be good to me!) Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions, Himeji, Japan https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/
  2. Just a note. I buy almost all of my blades and tosogu from several well-known sellers on Yahoo auctions: kanagawa_kottou http://sellinglist.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/user/kanagawa_kottou k_selection7 https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/k_selection7 eiraku2014 https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/eiraku2014? kiraku2018 https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/kiraku2018 majesta8739 https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/majesta8739? Regarding the Meirin shop, I have not yet bought there, so I cannot say it is a recommendation, just one more possible source.
  3. Hi Dwain, It is NOT illegal to export Nihonto. However, nihonto require deregistration of the white police torokusho paper you see in the auction. They also require an export permit. Apparently, Buyee is not willing to learn how to do this for you. Nor will they send other items which are over the EMS shipping size or weight limit, or require export permits. If you unblock the item and buy it, they will not export it. They will simply tell you to find an agent in Japan to which they can send. I live in western Japan (30 years this May!) and have exported over 100 nihonto to happy clients all over the world. I also export all means of other antiques and send you weekly offers by mail. By all means, ask around the Nihonto Message Board. Lots of members use my service. PM me if I can be of service to you. Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/?ref=bookmarks
  4. I live in west Japan - selling armor and nihonto - but I have a friend near Tokyo. He has been here 30ish years, iaido 7dan, no music experience, but enough Japanese and nice guy. Might be able to make himself available late March - early April. Please PM me you email address if you are interested and I shall foreward. Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  5. Very kind of you as always, Ben. They look happy together!
  6. I can find you one. Kelly Schmidt https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/
  7. I quite agree that Buyee does a good job of outer packing - often quite overdone actually - but what about inner packing? I have had armors forwarded to me from Buyee which were super foamed to the point of being overweight and oversized for EMS (that was why it was sent to me - EMS refused it) but the armor was clanking around against itself inside the box. I would assume a tsuba would not get inner treatment, either? Do they take the tsuba out of the kiribako?
  8. Fortunately, most sellers pack a bit better than this, but virtually all, even those selling very high grade tsubas for many years, send the tsuba in the box. I always rewrap the tsuba separately after inspection and make sure the cardboard box is of adequate size to absorb shock during EMS posting. I learned my lesson the hard way... the tsuba can be scratched if the post in the kiribako becomes dislodged (there are typically 2 steel pins holding it on) and the tsuba can actually hammer your kiribako to pieces. If you buy from Buyee or Jaunce, you should be able to specify better packing - though perhaps they charge an extra fee? Will they also remove the tsuba from the box upon request? Just curious - please let me know your experiences Kelly
  9. I have other customers in France who can tell you about me and my Japanese auction buying service. Please let me know if I can help. Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  10. Hi Krister, I live in Japan and sell Japanese armor. Perhaps I can find something for you. I have other customers in Sweden who can tell you about me. kschmidt1127@gmail.com Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  11. Hi Florian, I live in Japan and sell Samurai armor. Maybe I can help you find. PM me here or: kschmidt1127@gmail.com Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  12. Thank you for the kind words, Robert. Yes, I have been sent numerous items by Buyee, either because they require a permit (which begs the question why they don't just learn how to do them) or because the box exceeds the EMS size limit (usually because they use wa-ay too much packing material, but a few months ago I received a full armor... still on the stand...) I called them once some years back and asked if they would really discard an item if the buyer didn't have a Japanese address to ship to, and the particular person I talked to (an American - so probably not the boss, nor authorised to say so) didn't give me a clear answer. Maybe they resell?? Other proxy services like Jaunce apparently do not reship within Japan, so then you don't even have the option. As for tsubas in the box... I've seen them break loose and hammer the lovely kiri box to pieces, or worse, like you said, the moor breaks away and the two steel pins scratch the tsuba. So, if you do buy through Buyee or one of the other proxy services, by all means request their repacking service, give them clear instructions how you want it done - and hope they follow them. As for nihonto, all blades over 15cm (ie. longer than a kozuka) have a police registration which must be cancelled and an export permit must be applied for. The proxy services will not do this for you, so please be careful. Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu~ Kelly Japan Antique Auctions
  13. Perhaps I can be of service. I sell nihonto and regularly come across Gassan. Any members wanting to buy nihonto or tosogu can mail me at kschmidt1127@gmail.com or at my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/?ref=bookmarks
  14. True, Buyee won't contact directly... but they send to me when they can't export (eg. when blade needs export permit - I guess they don't know how to do). I know this seller - Ozaki. Kelly
  15. Nice. And rare. Mr. Matsumoto has either studied overseas, or he has a native speaker cleaning up his translations. Well done. I have done a fair amount or translation over here in Japan, and am amazed at how few businesses take the time to do it right. Even permanent things like shop signs are often confusing and sometimes downright embarrassing (a high grade kids' clothing store near my house married the 2 auspicious words "star" and "ovation" to come up with their company name - Starvation!") Did you speak with him? Kelly Schmidt
  16. Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu (Happy New Year), My Friends, Has anyone imported a blade to Hong Kong recently? Any problems to import? Tax rate?? Thanks, Kelly
  17. Did I hear my name? Haha. These services look professional enough, especially the Zen site, and the fees are cheap. But... in my (obviously biased) point of view, the problem is that they are generalists. They ship everything from videos to clothes. How to properly inspect and repack a tsuba or blade or armor is beyond them. Sometimes I received items redirected to me by the buyer because these other services tried unsuccessfully to export. The item was turned down variously by the PO, Japan Customs, or the airlines because the item didn't have proper export papers (they don't know how to do?) or the box was over the EMS size/weight limit (they don't know what it is?!) I had 2 armors come to me from these kind of services. The outer packing was spectacular - spray foam. But so overdone that the size was over the limit. And then, after I cut my way in, I discovered that the armors were packed (wait for it...) still on the display stand, and with no padding between the pieces so it was clacking around inside the box! No wonder this box is so huge! I assume the buyer had to pay them for the failed international shipping and redirection to me - not to mention my fees. Tsubas should also be repacked. Many sellers here - even "specialists" - send them as is in their boxes, which can result in scratches if the box center nub (which is secured by sharp pins ) lets go. Let's not even get into blades... that's a whole other ballgame. Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/?ref=bookmarks
  18. This also suspect: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/335549019 Feedback -1 (0 good, 1 bad) 総合評価:-1 However, from Fukui: 出品地域:福井県
  19. Hi Friends, Just wanted to warn you of a fraudulent seller operating out of Osaka. He copies old auction pictures and sells at low prices. After you win, he says he is having trouble with his account and his Yahoo account ID may disappear, so won't you please contact him direct at his personal email (not Yahoo mail) and send the money direct to his bank (not safe Yahoo transfer). I told him he is a fraud, but now he is using different account names and still operating. Yahoo and police may take some time to respond. If you see low buy-now prices too good to be true, it is probably him. Don't be fooled! And please tell your buyer (Buyee, Jaunce, etc.) to be careful and if he asks for direct mail and direct bank transfer, to report him to Yahoo and police!! Look at the right side of the auction. At the moment, he is using the ID name: bbaa56789. No feedback score: 総合評価:0 Osaka: 出品地域:大阪府 3 items on now. You may remember seeing these items before: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/bbaa56789 Be safe! Kelly Japan Antique Auctions.
  20. I'll put you in touch with a few customers there, Gary. Please stand by. Kelly Japanese Antique Auctions
  21. Very few Edo jizai available here in Japan, but occasionally... This one claims to be Edo, made by Myouchin.... https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v574048860
  22. Hi Patrick, My name is Kelly Schmidt, and I run Japanese Antique Auctions from my home in Himeji, Japan. Many members here are familiar with my service, and, while not necessarily cheaper than the alternatives, I think it much more convenient and easy to use, and geared toward collectors. If you are on Facebook, you can read more in the "about" section: https://www.facebook.com/Japanese.antique.auctions/ Here is a basic rundown of what I offer: No Other Service Does All This For You! Weekly mail offers! I search through thousands of items every week and send you the best for your consideration. Both general and samurai antiques, often 80+ items per week. Your time is valuable. So let me do the footwork. Note that these items are now on Yahoo Auctions by other sellers in Japan. I do not own these items, so I don’t keep expensive stock and don’t have to charge high prices to you! I will bid for you! Custom searching for your items directly on Yahoo Japan in Japanese, not English. Can’t find what you are looking for? Mail me. I can find much more by using Japanese keywords. Want list. If I find your item, even months later, you get a mail from me! I have great long-term relationships with sellers, so I ask them to keep my want list so they offer to me first! HUMAN translations of item descriptions. PC translators don’t work well…. Know what you are buying. Questions to sellers. Need more pictures? Want to know more details? I’ll ask for you. I speak fluent Japanese, so I have great relationships with many sellers. Reminders! Don’t forget to bid! Sometimes, before making a bid, you just want to watch the situation and carefully consider. Then, if I haven’t heard from you, I send you a reminder! Strategic bidding. I’m not a machine bidding for you, and YOU don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to try to win! I buy Japanese antiques, in particular samurai, so I can often tell you what to pay for an item. I know the sellers and many of the other bidders and their tactics. I can get a better price for you. You can even bid together with me if you can be online at end time. Negotiation! I know many sellers and can sometimes buy direct, off auction, saving you money! They often offer to me before putting on Yahoo or EBay! Safe repacking for overseas transport. No extra charge. Storage and combining of items (depending on size, nature of item and length of time). Follow up/ trouble shooting when things go wrong (PO problems, etc.) Export of large items like tansu and screens which are over the Japan PO’s size/weight limits. Ask for a quote before bidding. Export of items bought through other services (Buyee, Jaunce, Shop Japan, etc) who refuse to export your item (eg. swords). By consultation only. LEGAL export of swords and items over 200,000 yen, which require the Ministry of Culture’s permission! The automated services block bids on some items, and although you can unblock the bidding, some refuse to do the paperwork – even after you bought the item! More sword services! Shinsa submission, polishing, repair work, sword bags, new shirasaya, maintenance kits, etc that you may wish to acquire before your sword leaves Japan. Many of these services are best done (or can only be done) in Japan. Want to do it yourself? We offer katana lace, saya wood, various accoutrements and katanabako! Armor restore items! Kikubyo rivets, agemaki silk bows, silk and cotton odoshi lace, kabuto kan and munekan metal loops, etc. Need a professional? http://katchushi.com/restoration-2/index.html Offers of items from local shops and dealers. Only here! Sales of your items through me! I have hundreds of customers all over the world who love antiques! Sell direct and avoid the hassle of putting on EBay. Your total cost: auction end price (tax sometimes broken out separately) + local shipping to my office + international shipping + my fee + paypal fee/bank fee. Local bank transfer fees are on me! Note: Extra fees apply for export of items over 200,000 yen and swords (see below). My fee: The whole process is quite time consuming (searching for the best items, communications, translations, asking questions to sellers, bidding, packing, paperwork… etc.) Bidding is, by itself, a major time investment. Keep in mind that, unlike eBay, Yahoo auctions here in Japan continue past end time until only one bidder is left standing. There is no sniping. With auctions sometimes continuing an hour or more past end time, this means a lot of work for me but remember, you pay me ONLY if we win! AND… sometimes I will even use part of my fee to help you win! For items you find by self-searching, my fee is 15% of the auction end price (6000yen minimum per item). For items I find for you, or buy direct by negotiation, my fee is 20% of the auction end price (7000yen minimum per item). For items which are exceptionally expensive…. let’s talk. My sincere apologies for the minimum fee per item… but it’s a lot of work… and if I didn’t have a minimum, I would be absolutely swamped! Haha, already am! Self-searching: Want to save some money? I can teach you how to search. Just tell me what items you want, and I can give you a convenient link. More questions? PM me or mail me here: kschmidt1127@gmail.com Thanks! Kelly Schmidt Japanese Antique Auctions
  23. Ok, so here's a long shot... and please forgive that it's not exactly a traditionally made Japanese sword here, but... wanna repatriate a WW2 bayonet to Japan? I received this mail asking for help, so if you have any leads or ideas, please mail Micaela: "My name is Micaela Hambrett and I'm a journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I am following a story about a Japanese WW2 bayonet being returned to the soldier's family in Japan. I understand it was obtained by an Australian soldier in Darwin at the end of WW2. I am trying to track down people who can help me with information about it's origin, in effect narrowing down its original owner. I have photos and access to the artifact. [see attached] If you're able to assist, that would be terrific. However I understand you may not be able to. My email is hambrett.micaela@abc.net.au Thank you kindly for your time Micaela Hambrett" Kelly Schmidt
  24. Hi Gilles, I have 2 similar to the unfinished one in the first picture. The more decorative ones like these are not so cheap these days... Anyway, please PM me! Kelly Schmidt
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