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  1. John, I mentioned your sword loss to my wife (30 yrs with USPS) and yes there are definitely thieves. However, is that your tape shown in the photo used to repair the box. She said that type tape would never be used by USPS for repair of a package. Identifying which postal service uses that particular type dark duct tape could at least narrow the search somewhat. Again, good luck and hope it shows up, Dave M.
  2. Damn...This is precisely the reason I am reluctant to send any of my swords anywhere by mail. Therefore, in a sense crippling me in pursuit of improving my collection by polish, shinsa, etc. Insurance, ok fine, but does it truly compensate for loss. Hopefully, as mentioned it somehow came out of packaging, (by looks of photo above) and is now in the possession of a Postal Supervisor waiting to be returned to rightful owner... Hopefully turns out for the best, Dave M.
  3. My guess would also be legit. Under higher magnification, you can see it not quite as pristine as it appears in most of the pictures. The saya looks as though it has been knocked around a bit and has the damage one might expect... Dave M.
  4. The date is there Bruce, it just doesn't have the normal Showa characters we usually associate with date inscriptions. Apparently the Jyu Roku Nen is just a given for the Showa period in this case. Get well soon, Dave M.
  5. Thank you Mr. Koichi ! Dave M. The certificates I observed in the envelope appeared to me as being all exactly the same, however, as per Mr. Koichi much appreciated explanation, the certificates are identical, but I now suspect on closer inspection the certificates will have each individual soldiers name. I'll check the other certificates when I visit the Military store in the near future. Dave M.
  6. Just wanted to mention, I'm not looking for a full translation. Only a basic idea of what it is. It may not be associated with WWll Japanese Military at all... Thanks again, Dave M.
  7. I acquired this document at a local military store. The owner of the store had a manila envelope of approx. 20 of the identical documents and had no clue as to what they represent. (Nor do I for that matter.) About the only thing I translate is the Showa date of 1940. I was thinking a date of 1940 may possible indicate it may be a military document of some sort. I mentioned to the store owner, I would present it to the Translation section on the NMB and would hopefully find out what it is. As always, many thanks in advance, Dave M.
  8. I'm a bit along the same line as Mr. Ian Brooks. Many of the younger members here are of the era of $500 or $600 Type 95 swords, or what the prices are now at present. As long as I can remember, I've had an interest in Japanese swords, and would always take a look at any that I may happen to see at antique stores, Pawn Shops, Flea Markets, Etc.. For some reason however, I could never generate enough interest in the Type 95 to purchase one, even when the prices 40+ years ago were $50 or so. Although, I was tempted once to buy a copper handled one for $125, but quite foolishly didn't... Finally, after all these years, I entered a small antiques shop and found the 95 pictured below, and knew I wasn't going to leave without it, although it was considerably more than $50... Dave M.
  9. Yes, all of the seppa and tsuba have the matching number of 98. Don't have a clue of what the stamped numbers on the nakago's could be, possibly Stephen or one of the other members may know or at least have an idea... Dave M.
  10. These are photo's I have on file Bruce, I can take others if you would like. Yes, there is a number 2 also stamped on the nakago. Dave M.
  11. Yes, definitely a beautiful sword Volker. I also find these swords quite interesting as their lack of decoration on the back strap as well as a removable sakura blossum menuki/mekugi. The back strap and D guard in the photo below is quite plain without decoration yet exhibits a simple elegance... Dave M.
  12. They don't appear to be modern copies or fakes. I would definitely gamble 200 euros on them... Dave M.
  13. Auction ended early with 29 bids ? Dave M.
  14. Over $2400 US with almost 2 days remaining ...Geez! Dave M.
  15. Your thinking Gimei due to o suriage nakago Hamfish ? Could very well be the case... highly likely ! Dave M.
  16. The sword appears to possibly be one of the Sadamune sword smiths. If so, he may be one of the Sadamune smiths listed below in Mister Robert Cole's recently published guide " Sho-shin Index of Swordsmiths & Price Guide." Dave M.
  17. I suspected the possibility of the situation you mentioned. However, as John (PNSSHOGUN) suggested, it may have never been in mountings. Although, it definitely would be prudent to watch closely while sorting through items. I'm a militaria collector also, and am sure there will be many interesting things... Best regards and good luck, Dave M.
  18. There surely had to have been a high end koshirae for this sword ? Would it happen to be stored away among his possessions also ? It would certainly add to significance and value! Dave M.
  19. Frank, My father was also in the Philippines during wwll. I would encourage you to consider a modest restoration, and to keep your fathers momento of his time during wwll. Below is an example of a sword which was in close to the same condition as yours, the handle (tsuka) was in the same condition, and was restored by Fred Lohman, the blade unlike yours is a poorly polished bar stock (showato). The leather covered scabbard (saya) was left as is. Fred has unfortunately passed away, however David McDonald and Ted Tenold both in Montana would excellent people for restoration. I would also suggest a darker Same' for tsuka, pearl white would not go well. You have a sword and a legacy worth keeping... Dave M.
  20. Hi Blaze, You have a Type 95 NCO sword, which appears to be in fairly nice condition. Your post should probably be listed in the Military Swords of Japan section. Congratulations, nice inheritance. There are many Type 95 enthusiast which will hopefully provide you with excellent advice and basic information. Your fellow Australian board member "Shamsy" being one of the foremost ! The site below is a good starting point. Non-commissioned officers Gunto 1935 (Type 95 Guntō)/title> (ohmura-study.net) Dave M.
  21. Spoke and dealt with Fred on several occasions, was looking forward to visiting his shop post covid , my sincere condolences...RIP Dave M.
  22. dwmc

    Type 19 Menuki

    Was able to locate a five petal Sakura blossom menuki/mekugi. Although incorrect for my (Army) cavalry sword, will have to do until I can locate the proper 10 petal variant. Still looking........Please contact should you happen to have one ! Dave M.
  23. Michael, Your tsuka is almost, if not exactly the same as mine, I actually thought at first it was mine. Have photo's, but am having difficulty loading them. Dave M.
  24. Hi Bruce, The only kanji on the nakago is Kyomichi saku , the Anchor stamp, and black paint I suspect are assembly numbers. No date that I'm aware of... Dave M.
  25. I'm not quite sure Mike. My guess would be leather or some type of material resembling leather. Definitely not same'. Dave M.
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