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  1. Bruce the link describes what’s inside
  2. My friends new book https://www.amazon.com/dp/177753240X/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=rikusentai&qid=1609749253&sr=8-4&fbclid=IwAR1H-YHl7ZMMhXDJ8zu5digXvYx434TLu6qyUUbTityBVWLBGDHQrPvOKus
  3. Sun ray seppas ! Love that premium!
  4. Keep me in mind if you ever let it go. I only collect navy
  5. Beautiful kaigunto! Do you have deluxe tsuba with alternating gold plated rays?
  6. One of the absolute nicest I’ve seen to date! Congrats!
  7. Symbol certainly looks police to me. For a child or a very small cop
  8. Looks like gold paint to my eyes. At best it’s guilding
  9. Congrats! Nice grouping but hard to prove it was all owned by same officer & not post war put together. The rarest item in the “ group” is the scabbard retainer cord on Kai gunto handle! These are very difficult to find
  10. Found this in one of my photo albums
  11. Japanese navy often used black paint in addition to bluing to protect metal. This includes type 99 naval special rifles & bayonets.
  12. I can think of a few scenarios ....he’s a retired soldier or he’s holding a deceased sons sword or the sword is the photographer’s prop
  13. Interesting info.I collect SNLF, NLF & naval land based combat items. I haven’t seen one of these tags yet. Will be on the lookout
  14. I only own one dagger so not me. I was just wondering about these with cast celluloid handles & what info was available
  15. Has anyone else seen a scabbard like this? It’s on a late war celluloid handle variant. Jareth
  16. Here's Nick's post with the answer http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/Japanese-militaria/unraveling-mystery-unidentified-navy-dagger-design-728226/
  17. If it was once a bayonet the Arsenal mark is in wrong position. Just an ignorant Chinese faker using the Nagoya symbol
  18. There wasn't any official, issued machete that I'm aware of. The Japanese captured large quantities of Dutch swords & bayonets. Swords were extensively reworked into machetes & bayonets were also modified to fit Japanese rifles. Here's a photo of a Dutch Klewang machete in my collection
  19. I'm actually shocked that this fantasy repro is getting such in depth discussion! It's so blatantly fake!
  20. Totally agree. I collect Japanese militaria (SNLF/paratroop) & I'm not well versed regarding swords. I'm a big fan of last ditch weaponry. Unlike the Germans there was very little uniformity in equipment & dress late in the war. This is clearly shown in photo of surrendering troops. I look forward to the possibility that there was a late war pattern navy sword rather than " cottage" industry assembly using leftover components
  21. It's as inconclusive as the opening subject. Unless new info surfaces we will never know if sarute design was just another private purchase motif or an indication of airborne
  22. That's a very well known, famous patriotic propaganda film. Don't know how accurate it was to actual airborne combat drop. Leg bags were also used for rifles etc. They also used drop containers
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