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  1. thank you Greek, this possibility had come to me, but I had rejected because I found it had a result more negative than positive. Thank you Bruno for the translation. I'm going to do a research tonight on this craftsman. C.
  2. Hi everyone, I come back to you again for opinions and advice which are important to help me progress. I found this tsuba end of last month. Look like a little heavy for a red copper one (130 gas for 6.3 x 7 x 0.4 cm). Patina is nice, but let me think it’s modern one. Maui is really short, so this leads me to think that it is a minor artist. Concerning the pattern, they are engraved, and are in copper and I think shakudo, birds in silver. But I can not decide if the black around the leaves and birds is voluntary or the result of a rather mediocre work. Waiting for your comments and your opinion on this. Best regards and all my thanks in advance for your help. Christophe
  3. thank you for your help and all your opinions. It can only make me progress. Thanks again. Christophe
  4. Thanks, is there a way to determine it ? and the period ? Christophe
  5. hi, I try with magnet on the tsuba and the seppa-dai, inside the nakago-ana and the kozuka-ana with no result (I try with two differents magnets). Is it possible that it's shibuichi ? or plated ? Christophe
  6. I every one, I need your help with this tsuba I found in a free market. the seller tell me it's from the end of the Edo period. He can't tell me in what material the tsuba is made. It's not iron, the ring look like to be shakudo and aoi leafs red copper ? Can you have an idea about that ? Thanks very much in advance for your help. Christophe
  7. Hello everyone. Could anyone help me about a papered wakizashi that I was offered? I will have some questions about him: - Is the translation of the mei correct? 濃州関兼景 ⟹ noshu ju seki kanekage and if that it is not a gimei sword, is it okay to think it is a modern minor smith? I did not find any origami that correspond to this signature. - Is this kantesho authentic? It's look like a Tokubetsu Hozon from the NBTHK but no stamp or remainder of the registration number on the left of the document. I thank you in advance for the help you can give me. Christophe
  8. Yes, small gold dot inlays in the waves, some are missing. C.
  9. Thanks Size : 8.4 x 7.8 cm, a bit higher than the average katana tsuba. Feel happy it's a real one. Christophe
  10. Sorry for the trouble with the images. Christophe
  11. I found this tsuba in a free market. I bought it because it's the first time I see a scolopendre as pattern. At first I thought it was a casting copy. But looking closer, especially the finesse of the waves, I begin to doubt. What do you think ? All information is welcome. Thank you in advance. Christophe
  12. Hi, to be honest, I don't assign a monetary value, I buy rather what I like, specially kozuke and menuki. My collection mean a lot for me, as its gives me personal time outside. Well ,difficult to explain. Thanks for everythings. Christophe
  13. Thanks for answering. I will followed your advice. Sorry for forgiving to sign. Christophe
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