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  1. i beleave you have a Kai gunto or navy sword..see link KAI-GUNTO id find someone in the States that you can trust and have him take it to a show, or contact a togi via the links here. http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/military.htm
  2. Welcome to the board thanks for sharing, very interesting as to where Nihonto travels. If you can get some clear shots I would and I'm sure others would like to see some pix of the blade. looks like you did while I was posting ....yes id say if your mounts are neglected you can put it into shirasaya or buke if you want to go that way. a togi would have to have it in hand to tell but a light polish may do the trick. the tsuba looks like it was from a Kai gunto is that correct. if it is in good shape its very collectable that way. Its your sword and you can do what you want with it. here your pix reduced cropped and up and down so the members dont get a crck in there neck :lol:
  3. bushes i need to trim this spring ...i might go for it.
  4. Barry how about each link does that work? http://www.nihontomessageboard.com/competition.html http://www.nihontomessageboard.com/tagane.html http://www.nihontomessageboard.com/honjo.html
  5. I have been watching this on Ebay, IMHO its right up there with three of the cleanest I've seen. The anchor without the circle has been thought to be other than plane arsenal blades but I cant get a confirm that. It would be great in any collection. PS just seen more than two navy blades with a anchor with out circle...id have to say for sure there arsenal blades so id have to cancle my self out on that.
  6. Not qualified to make a call but looks dang close to me
  7. do it your self tapes are scary hate to think what may happen, anyone know who this is? http://www.islandnet.com/~gaijin/guide.htm
  8. Moriyama sama your the best.
  9. looks to be a very intersting sword...can we read the tsuba kanji...tada at the top?
  10. I was hoping Nobody would add his take on the first part ...something to do with the Emperor?
  11. This is from a new member, I'm in the middle of some personal matters please help him in the translation. thanks for your help.
  12. Stephen

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    to the board lot of nice folk to help you out, please dont for get to sign your name per the rules. please check them. If you have a hard time getting your pix up you may send them to me and ill crop size if needed, good luck and have fun. Stephen
  13. Stephen


    Mo may have not taken his time it can look like the other Suke not the one you posted. look in Samurai Sword Hand book by J. Yumoto...page 120 the nori that is rule not law. sorry i dont have kanji on my PC. Mo may have did a quick look ant thought it was the second Suke down on page 123 of SSHandbook. heres a fujishiro Nagamitsu which looks like the mei in question. i keep this up ill have the whole book on file.
  14. Stephen


    i think your right did not take time to check it just posted Sukemitsu.
  15. Stephen


    page 614 is from 1444 sukemitsu file page 616 is from 1555 sukemitsu616 file
  16. I'll be setting up with beginner books at the Minn. show. Which is most of what I do with gun shows here in Des Moines and that is to introduce Nihonto. You'll find most of the movers and shakers at Chicago and ill try to make it if I have my koto blade back from polish and NBTHK shinsa. I did one show with Larry and Chris a few years back and I have to say its much more relaxed much like the ol San Antonio show which I wish would start back up even if bi annually, Chicago is all the Old Guard who sometimes can come across a bit aloft until you get to know them, and have bought off them. Papers id stay with NBTHK it seems to get more bang for your buck. If you just want to know if the mei is good or what you have if mumei...do them all and see if who, what, when, all come out the same. A few years ago when I made the circuit I always got a kick of taking a unknown sword around to each table to see what the thought was to W,W,W. Usually ten tables ten different opinions. Kind like the Movie Let it Ride with Richard Dryfuss question" which horse do you like?" get a answer mark it off the program and bet on the one left that did not get picked. Sorry not all the Why's answered but I got off on a ramble. One other thing Andy Q is worth your admission to the Chris and Larry show but then he'll be in Chi town too I suppose.
  17. This may not be what you need but it gave me something to do on the first day of the new year, my workout center is closed for some silly reason so here we are. A Prosperous NEW YEAR TO ALL.
  18. Morita-sama so if you have same kanji but differnt word it does not apply? as in Fujiwara Sukeyuki tsuku kore Happy New Year to you as well and welcome to the board.
  19. why your pix are nice and clear on the others and this one has a hazy tone to it. im going to say with clever copy.
  20. would be hard to tell from the pix but at that angle it looks ok, i have to go with the repo ...sorry
  21. Wakazashi, with a different Tsuba and new same and menuki + foil on habaki that would be a nice set. I don't mind the battle cuts at all. Skipper the wak you got from him is very nice also.
  22. Yes i know mike via ebay quires hes one of the good guys, did not make the link in my mind...oldtimers ya know....also check the link for Yakibas auctions below in auction some nice stuff there.
  23. This is a unsolicited endorsement for some of Ed's of Yakiba auctions, many times a lot of newbie's and collectors of few years ask where to find sound swords, there are more than a few with this list. Got to love that O-Dachi! Also a sound katana that would be a great first sword. If i had the beans id go for the shinsakuto. enjoy http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZem7576QQhtZ-1
  24. I have not counted it out yet, close ups of the fitting would help also...copys are getting so close now days it takes a very close eye. The Nakago will tell all.
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