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  1. Dust with talc then light wipe bout only thing left. Maybe pic from top down not visa versa
  2. The end of nakago begs us to think bizen...so i might be wrong. Yes i think it may be that old. Have any light grade paper? Place it on the kanji and take a lead pencil then do a bit of rubbing. Or dust with talc and light wipe to see what we cant see
  3. Great looking sword s n fitting good find. Perhaps Kanehiro. KANEHIRO (金広), Kanbun (寛文, 1661-1673), Hizen – “Hizen no Kuni-jū Kanehiro” (肥前国住金広) KANEHIRO (金弘), Ōei (応永, 1394-1428), Mino – “Kanehiro” (金弘), student of Kaneyuki (金行)
  4. Im sure someone will help soon. First may be. Mori??? Im useless when it comes to tosogu.
  5. Agreed needs to be seen by right eyes.
  6. November 10, Manji 3rd year Mitsu body cut off Kanjuro Yamano Naruhisa (Kao) per Google search
  7. The Beatles song number nine number 9 number 9 number 9 kept going through my head it's really a 10 to me. The hard lacquered saya any chips in it? I would not be suprised if its coverage of same*. You should be able to tell where the lacquer ends on saya under fuchi. You sure know how to find them brother. Well done.
  8. Ed Lets talk about this in one forum. No need for repetitive post.
  9. Welcome, two wheels down avoid pot holes called ebay. Have fun enjoy the adventure.
  10. Just in case one was getting hes hopes up.
  11. I've sold two swords to a high end collector in China. Not sure if i still have his contract info. Id have to ask him first anyway.
  12. Just dust it with a soft brush if non-metallic
  13. Maybe edit to Tsuba.. common error. Welcome to the board.
  14. Good working samurai fittings . less is MORE!
  15. https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/
  16. Then repurposed https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/b521268998?
  17. Whats the biggie just make it a sticky at top Izakaya. No need to blow this up Respect for the dead.
  18. More sour grapes. Maybe keep track of seller who dont think the bids are high enough and pullthe auction in last few min. The tsuba not the point It's a fair representation of sanmai work not the best but collectible to me because of the Dragon. 3 AM closer so yes im pissed for being sure i won. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/v760389631?
  19. Was hoping that was chalk not over cleand. Workmanship of blade more important than mei.
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