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  1. Nice iron tsuba depicting cricket in the field. -shakudo plug -Tekkotsu -copper/silver inlay Comes with kiri box $100+p&p Thanks!
  2. my copy is up for trade/partial trade.. Looking for a cheap wakizashi or tanto..
  3. Wow didn't realize these were worth a small fortune now! $425 on Amazon! .. Bought it like 3 years ago for $40
  4. Thanks! It's for a friend who doesn't have much cash but would like a relic for display.
  5. Looking to buy a cheap wakizashi or tanto. Koto or Shinto period. Needs to have shirasaya or koshirae (not interested in bare blades). Any condition. Preference for bohi/horimono. Hoping to keep the costs under $400 total. Anyone have anything they would like to unload? Thanks!
  6. An exciting dream come true, Joe! Congrats!!
  7. Hey Antti, it's probably from uchiko. The prominence is from the flash. Hardly noticeable in hand! Stephen, thanks!
  8. You know what? I'm going to let this go super cheap. I have my eyes on something else and would really like to free up the funds. If it will motivate a buyer to come foreward, I will accept $2250. That's my bottom price.
  9. FYI Looking for minimum $1000 cash in potential partial trades. Also interested in mainly wakizashi at the moment.
  10. For sale is a very nice gendaito made by Kojima kanemichi in good state of polish (minor surface scratches) and original top quality Japanese shirasaya. Signed and dated October 15, 1940. KANEMICHI (兼道), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gifu – “Nōshū Seki-jū Kanemichi kore o saku” (濃州関住兼道作之), “Nōshū Seki-jū Kojima Kanemichi kore o saku” (濃州関住 小島兼道作之), real name Kojima Tokijirō (小島時次郎), born July 1st 1902, he first studied under the Zenjō Kaneyoshi-student Kojima Katsumasa (小島勝正) and later also under Watanabe Kanenaga (渡辺兼永), later he trained many swordsmiths himself (including the well known smith kanezane) he signed first with Kanetoki (兼時) and worked during World War II as a rikugun-jumei-tōshō, he died on February 15th 1983, kihin no retsu (Akihide), Special Honor Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941) He is rated jo saku. Looking for $4000 obo. Open to any reasonable offers. Open to partial trades (looking for koto/early shinto katana or wakizashi). 2 day inspection period.
  11. Use never-dull to remove minor surface rust, finger prints, and residues. Works like a charm. Safe on nihonto. Safer than uchiko.
  12. Menuki & f/k sold! Tsuba still for sale @ $150 obo. Thanks!
  13. Would really like to see these things go! Tsuba $150 Menuki $75 Fuchi-kashira $80 Now that's a bargain.
  14. Open to any reasonable offers!
  15. Tsuba to $240CAN ($187USD) Menuki set to $110CAN ($86USD) Fuchi-kashira to $120CAN ($93USD) Only drop! Thanks!
  16. All prices are in Canadian dollars!
  17. 1. A very nice forged iron tsuba with copper inlay of a cricket in the field. With a skakudo plug. $270 +p&p obo. 2. Matching pair of Edo period menuki made of shakudo with gold inlay. $135 +p&p obo 3. Matching pair of Edo period fuchi-kashira made of shakudo with gold inlay. $160 +p&p obo Pm me for more pictures or info. Thanks!
  18. I'll take better pictures tonight and post them ASAP. Thanks for your help guys!!
  19. Hmm didn't expect that. It doesn't have any stamps or the hot stamp. Mei seems well done and sword is traditionally made. Gendaito? Special order? What is the date?
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