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  1. Don't want to budge much but I'll go as far as to include worldwide shipping and PayPal fees in the price. 24 hour inspection period as well.
  2. Stephen- I messaged him too.. I was polite until he said that all he needed to do was "throw the sword into a pond for a week to return it to its former condition". That's when I lost my cool!
  3. As do I! .. this may be the one I regret letting go the most *sigh*
  4. Hey guys! Looking to move my Ishido sword to a new home. As much as I love it, I want to make room for a new acquisition. This school was recently discussed here : http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/23810-ishido-school-swords-please-post/?fromsearch=1.. I'd compare workmanship to the Muneharu posted in the thread. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/23155-musashi-ju-hosei-hujiwara-muneharu-katana/?fromsearch=1 This whole package is quite nice and let me say that my photography doesn't do it justice at all. The sword comes in koshirae that fits tight and is in good condition. It is my opinion that it is original- aside from the Tsuba which rattles. I added a soft material seppa to resolve this. My sword is technically considered a wakizashi at 21.5 " Nagasa, however this school was known to make shorter swords with short Nakago (5.5" . I would say this one is Keicho shinto from the Osaka line of smiths.. it isn't papered BUT I can guarantee an attribution to the Ishido school by either the nbthk or nthk or your money back within 12 months of the sale. The sword displays all of the Kantei points of this school. Tight itame hada with masame in the shinogi. Thick kasane (0.9"). Short nagasa & Nakago. Beautiful ichimonji style hamon of Choji-midare in nioi with Naga-ashi & areas of sunagashi. The polish is old and still very clear. It has minor surface scratches from in and out of Saya. There is a tiny spec pit in the Ha that is unnoticeable in hand. One area of blemish on shinogi that is also of minimal concern to the eye. Overall polish is good and condition of blade is great. Healthy sword in my opinion. No fatal flaws or serious issues. Jigane is clear and in good shape. Koshirae is solid with only minor split at mouth of Saya. Tsuka is solid and Ito is as well. Fuchi-kashira is blackened copper and menuki are dragons. Habaki is 2 piece copper/shakudo. Same is fully intact. Tsuba is old iron with brass inlay. I don't think the sword needs much to bring it to 110%. Maybe a better fit Tsuba and another seppa.. but the way I have it now -it's confidently ready to go. Anyways.. these swords are highly appreciated for their functionality and their beautiful Ichimonji school- like appearance. They don't normally come up for sale and if they do they aren't exactly cheap. I'm pricing mine at what I feel is a fair market price. $SOLD Partial trades welcome too. More pics and details upon request. Payment by PayPal expected within 24 hours of agreed sale. Shipping and paypal fees are extra. Thanks!
  5. Seeing these things truly upsets me deep inside. .. I hope he hears an earful and decides to give up this hobby sooner rather than later.
  6. Like we all know.. the market is down. They must want a quick sale and so it's priced accordingly.
  7. Never seen one.. but I'm going with fake. The tassel looks elasticized!
  8. Interesting koshirae ^^ ... doesn't do it for me.. haha
  9. I can't get over the prices on these nowadays.. crazy
  10. Do not attempt to restore Japanese swords. Use a professional. It requires a gruelling decade long apprenticeship under a master togishi to learn how to polish a sword correctly. To attempt to work on a sword with any less experience under your belt (without your masters permission) is a mortal sin and just outright disresspectful to that particular blade. It's only alive today because it was shown respect. It's all of our jobs to continue to honour that. I hope you can understand this and refrain from any further tinkering.
  11. Looks like the standard machine made oil quenched ww2 kamikaze pilot Tanto, not a fake, to my eyes. They're worth between $350-$600 approx.
  12. Close up and of kissaki and bohi termination is a must. It's a huge tell tale. Fakes never get it right.
  13. I've got a nice shinto Ishido wakizashi (22.5inch Nagasa) that is almost identical in workmanship to the muneharu posted. All the characteristics of osaka Ishido work.. beautiful Choji- midare in nioi-deki with sunagashi and lots of naga-ashi & Ko-itame hada.. surprised it's not signed, but hey! If anyone is looking to add an Ishido work to their collection -pm me. I'm not overly attached and I could let it go.
  14. It's more likely that a Japanese family brought it with them during the first recorded Japanese immigration to Canada in 1877. I have never found any ww2 mounted swords in Canada. There is the odd time that I've found a traditionally mounted blade though. Coincidence?!
  15. J Reid

    Kagemitsu Tanto

    Sorry to be clear the stones leave the "defined trail" on the edge, but when using a ceramic steel, or plate to hone I don't notice any change..
  16. J Reid

    Kagemitsu Tanto

    Using ceramic bowls/ plates/ steels to hone Japanese chef knives is common.. but how can you tell for sure? I can't tell the difference between using my ceramic steel and my stones.
  17. J Reid

    Kagemitsu Tanto

    It may be the lighting.. but in pic #9 I can make out a healthy temper in kissaki.
  18. I would make the call when you have the blade in hand, but honestly, I think the mei isn't good! Just doesn't flow.. Just to be safe though.. Get a couple solid opinions and then take er off. I wouldn't submit to Shinsa with Mei unless some authoritive figure has a lot of confidence in this one.
  19. I'm from KW (where the sword is) I've never seen another in that area in years of digging..
  20. I took the dive to $950 but you outbid me Bob. Looks to have some merit.. Goodluck!
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