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  1. Sadly I have no calipers to measure with just yet but I will attempt to approximate for you tomorrow.
  2. Hi Ed, Any idea of date / jidai / era on this one? Thank you!
  3. Also please forgive some of my really mediocre pictures. I have no professional camera or setup to display them better and I'm rather new at this.
  4. Thoughts? Perhaps Kanefusa Midare? I'm having a hard time placing this one as it's a fairly mixed hamon. The length also makes me think it could be either wakizashi or o-tanto. Talked to a few people about speculation on jidai and gotten very mixed replies. All input welcome.
  5. What are the rates on hozon, tokubetsu hozon submissions vs passes? Anyone know?
  6. md02geist


    Yup I meant paper actually used for the wrap itself. What I am interested in is what materials were most popularly used in what eras and for what purpose. Example; when/why use leather instead of silk?
  7. md02geist


    Thank you! I got interested when I found out at some point paper was actually used? How interesting.
  8. md02geist


    I'm looking for a good source on researching materials used in tsukamaki; silk, leather, etc, and which time periods and areas we see them in, which was most / least popular etc etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Google searches have primarily drummed up modern iaito and such discussion. I do have the two PDF files of tsukamaki pictures from this site already, linked in a previous forum post.
  9. http://www.japanbullet.com/sport/authenticity-confirmed-for-long-lost-shimazu-masamune-sword Best I could find with a quick search. Click on the picture to enlarge somewhat.
  10. I'd say for the price that's good man, you could probably sell the koshirae if needed or if you weren't a fan of it and recover all your money or maybe even make a few bucks.
  11. This is a fantastic chance for people to grab that book. Awesome.
  12. What's up with this? Is this a rerelease or a mistake? https://www.amazon.com/Connoisseurs-Book-Japanese-Swords/dp/1568365810/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482975405&sr=8-1&keywords=connoisseur%27s+book+of+Japanese+swords
  13. I'd be in for a hardcover or maybe a limited.
  14. I am still looking, thank you.
  15. David it would be very helpful if you could post pictures here on the site, or at least links to a imageshack or similar.
  16. I h I hadn't considered an exact price range, it would truly depend on the blade. I've found a few on various dealer sites as well but nothing that has really grabbed me.
  17. Thank you, I saw that one. I appreciate you pointing it out to me however.
  18. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has a katana by the naminohira school for sale? Anything kamakura to late Muromachi is fine. Decent condition is preferred, non fatal flaws are fine if blade is priced appropriately and fatal flaws not preferred unless it's a complete steal. I will be using this for aesthetic enjoyment and study purposes. Papered would be wonderful. Thank you!
  19. Still here, please note the price drop.
  20. Still available, thank you! No reasonable offer will be turned down.
  21. What does the certificate say, can anyone assist?
  22. Is she allowed to sell it, seeing as it is deemed a national treasure?
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