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  1. Spend money on quality, or when you are a beginner (like me) on books. Romantic collecting will not show you quality, I to have had to learn this the hard way here :D I suppose it is a little like this: Wanting this: But buying this: Just to get a visual idea.
  2. And a BIG thanks to NMB and it's members for not giving up on us newcomers and guiding us!
  3. Started to feel like a Bat, so for the topics convenience:
  4. I have had the same experience as Brian, it works but you have to click in the centre to get the site to work.
  5. Chip, I am new to and have been there as well. I have to say that they are right and study is the best way. If you can return the blade spent the money on books if not, keep it as a learned lesson and continue studying. Edit: Realizing it was bought on auction returning is not a real option. Just try to learn as much as possible from it, buy books and study, al lot of info can be also found online. Many (I to am no exception) have learned the hard way, it dissapoints one in the beginning, but eventually Nihonto is worth to really get to know.
  6. Just to add the working link, that Lorenzo mentioned, to this topic http://www.nihontomessageboard.com/articles/Size%20doesnt%20matter.pdf I to find it easier to handle Tanto and Wakizashi when I look at swords, that being said I do like Katana and Tachi to but when it comes to handling shorter is easier and not less beautiful or whatsoever
  7. Isidro, Could post a few more photo's of the blade?
  8. Pleasure meeting you Kunitaro, I indeed am from the Netherlands. I do not think we have met before.
  9. Mariusz convinced me to also share my other Tsuba so here is one more, this one is signed. I have not yet asked for help on the makers name so I do not know it's maker yet. All comments are welcome.
  10. ehk

    Tsuba ID Help

    Thank you all for your help and information, really interesting and appreciated. Trying to learn as much as possible. @David, it is the only interesting Tsuba from my small Tsuba collection. Thank you for posting the Tsuba from your collection, always nice to see and learn from other collectors pieces.
  11. ehk

    Tsuba ID Help

    I would like to ask to help identifying the following Tsuba. The fukurin has been damaged and repaired, but in all the Tsuba seems to be in good shape. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  12. Thank you all for contributing. The sword does seem to come with 2 saya indeed, the original Gunto saya and a wooden saya. The reason the Tsuka looks so good is that it has been re-done recently. I think the seller of this sword did not manage to sell it through ebay so he offered it to my good friend. He won't buy the sword but we were both interested in learning more about it. I did not know 1200 dollars was the normal price for a piece like this, it not being that special. Thanks!
  13. I am helping a good friend of mine researching a blade that was offered to him. I have not much knowledge at all on Gunto's but perhaps I can learn something from this. What else can be said about this sword being a Nobumitsu Gunto in type 3 mounts? I found it hard to believe that the price is 1200 dollars but then again as I mentioned before I have no real knowledge on Gunto blades with WWII history. It is stamped but I have no photo of that.
  14. I have ran 2 forums myself and Steve is indeed right, these days real people in stead of "bots" register and there is not to much you can do about it. It makes moderating/administering a time consuming task, always on the lookout where new shoes are sold...
  15. Sorry to read 900 dollars was spent on this sword, it is junk indeed. I am quite new to Nihonto and when I started I had no clue what I was looking at and thought blades like these could be the real thing. But buying a few books and taking every opportunity to look at good blades makes you learn at least the basics to see swords like these are not even close to the real thing.
  16. I agree with David, looks Showato.
  17. Congratulatiojs Steve! A very nice sword.
  18. Agree with Jacques, on really tired swords (polished many times through hundreds of years) it is clearly visible that the hamon is either gone or almost gone, perhaps not all tired blades but I have seen a few where the hamon is practicably gone. Also when a sword get's burned the hamon can vanish.
  19. Thank you Morita San for this clear explanation / photo. Makes learning a little easier.
  20. Welcome to the forum Marty, you will enjoy!
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