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  1. Received my Tsuba from Grev and how lovely they are! Thanks Grev.
  2. Brian, if that is an option I would to place a bid.
  3. Hi Rob, I am trying to send you am PM but get a message saying you can’t receive any. Can I ask you for your email? Rick
  4. ehk

    Soshu Ju Masahiro

    A few more photo's of the blade.
  5. ehk

    Soshu Ju Masahiro

    Hi all, I was wondering if you could have a look at this Wakizashi and tell me your opinion on the Mei being original or Gimei. I know this is not easy from photo's but would appreciate the try. Kind regards, Rick
  6. Looking great Brian, thank you for all your time and effort you put in this. I know how much work it is
  7. Thanks Markus for this great Christmas present! Have added 5 books (with the help of Mariusz) to my library.
  8. Thank you very much George and Morita san, I do appreciate your help and you effort reading my post! I have two more photo's of this blade but they are even worse then this one and the photo's are of the blade. The blade is in civilian mountings but looks to be a Showato from what I can see. I will do some research on the the name now I know what it is. Thanks again!
  9. Hello all, I would like to ask your help on translating the Mei of this Military Katana. I am sorry that the photo is of bad quality. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Kind regards, Rick
  10. Today was the second meeting of the Dutch Token Society, where we were informed that the catalogues are no longer available. All have been sold. The total visitors counted until last week (Today was the last day) was about 50.000
  11. Worth going, especially if you like Samurai Armor. Visited the exhibition a few weeks ago.
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