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  1. @Brian: That is good news. I will PM you after this post. Ok i have taken some high quality pix that you guys can take a look at. *I know they're big but that can give a better look at it. If you can give me more detail on the sword, like what it is, make, year, family (i don't know what you can tell from it) that would also be awesome. If I could also get a round about value of the piece that can also be cool. I thought the substance on the blade was like a grease, but i do believe it's blood!!! So if it does get fixed i would like this to remain as much as possible. How much should repairs like this cost? See what you think:
  2. Hi everyone I recently inherited an authentic Japanese type sword. Unfortunately it's quite eroded and damaged. Can anyone help me with details of where i can get it cleaned and repaired in South Africa? Specifically the Johannesburg area. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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