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  1. Thank you for your help Regards David
  2. hello to all I recently purchased a copy of nihonto koza vol 2 pt1 from a charity shop and inside was an NBTHK "blue" paper for a tsuba I have tried to translate it but for just a few kanji I have had little success Can someone with better knowledge tell me what the NBTHK considered the tsuba to be and the date the paper was issued Thanks for any help David
  3. Hello to all I recieved my raffle prize from Mick this morning and feel very lucky to have received them ( as I hope all the other winners do } and will enjoy looking at them for a very long time I want to thank him and the other prize donors for their generosity David I sent a PM
  4. thank you all for the replies I must get the slough book david
  5. hello to all a while back I asked for and received help in translating the mei on my sword after gathering as much information as I could on line could any member suggest a site or may have oshigata example(s)for ww2 smith Moritsugu Norisada of Chikuzen they could post many thanks david
  6. can members of the forum tell me if any women either past or present have ever made swords or koshirae david
  7. just a thankyou to Mr Bowen for the quick response to my translation request I can start research on Norisada and as you say was a good smith there may be some information on him on line Thankyou again David
  8. Hello my name is David I am trying to translate the mei on my gunto sword I bought it when I was 15 and 35 years on have decided to find out all I can about it One side of the tang I believe reads Moritsugu Norisada of Chikuzen Fukuoka made this The other side is a mystery to me I thought it may have been a date but I cannot match it with any I have seen The blade although in need of polish is straight and nick free and would look nice in polish When I know for sure the swordsmiths name I will be gathering as much info on him as I can as a project Regards,
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