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  1. Yes I am on Facebook. Brent Tanner
  2. Just moved to Southlake from Brazil. Would be great to get together with others in the DWF area.
  3. Jim died of congestive heart failure in 2011. I knew him very well when I lived in Tokyo. As stated above, a very controversial person. His girlfriend Maeda is still trying to sell off his inventory or items, mostly fittings. I saw her at a DTI a few years ago, but am not sure how to get in contact with her anymore. Maybe someone in Japan might know. Brent
  4. If you are ever in São Paulo, happy to arrange a viewing. Most of collection is back in the US, but still a few interesting pieces around. Regards Brent
  5. Unfortunately the last smith we know of died several years. The one togishi I know was taught by his father who wasn't very good. The art seems to have died in Brazil.
  6. Doing part 11 right now on Japanese swordsmiths who came to Brazil in the Meiji and Taisho era. There are three we have identified. One came from the Enju line of KiKuchi smiths. Interesting part of Japanese history not often talked about. Tough to break into the community to get information. Hopefully will complete by year end. Regards Brent
  7. Thanks Markus. I will continue my research in the school. Appreciate the comments. Ciao Brent
  8. Thanks Markus. This makes a lot more sense. My Japanese colleagues were perplexed by the statement and didn't understand the historical context. Any conjecture on why there is so little written about koto kaifu swords? Regards, Brent
  9. I am also finalizing an addendum to that article. I want to add in a Meibutsu Kaifu blade named "iwakiri" (stonecutter) I read about and have a couple of Oshigata on. It is interesting that I have now found a few Juyo or TBH quality Koto Kaifu blades, particularly from Ujiyoshi and Yasuyoshi that are very interesting and worthy of praise. Personally I would love to own any of them. Would like to hear comments from anyone who may own one. Regards, Brent Tanner
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure what the copyright issue would be, since there are scans of the two paper articles. If NMB wants and thinks it OK, I could send to Brian for posting. Regards Brent
  11. I have the English and Japanese versions in several PDF files. The Japanese version includes the pictures. PM me with your personal email and I will send them to you. It is 7 PDF files over 30MB total. Unless someone knows a way to load them on this site? Regards, Brent
  12. Possibly locally made in Brazil. I am located in São Paulo, I will send you a PM with my contact information. Regards Brent
  13. Thanks everyone - I haven't been diligent enough on keeping up. apologies, Brent
  14. Does anyone know if an English index was available for this years DTI catalogue? Regards Brent
  15. This one may interest you. It is in my collection and was acquired from a family in Japan many years ago. It was taken to Iida Koendo (well know craftsman in sword world) and he recognized the Koshirae as having been made in his fathers shop. He then introduced the current mukansa fittings master who is the son (Miyajima-san) of the fitting master who made the fittings. They shared family photos of the shop and various saya and fittings makers, many of them well known in the sword world. These types of Koshirae were often special order, but well know at the time. Enjoy, Brent
  16. Thanks Barrie. Picture is fine, I remember this from the previous NMB posts and have the pictures from that post as well. Folks, Primarily looking for Sayagakis from pre Koson. Thanks, brent
  17. Looking to buy blades with a honami sayagaki earlier than honami Koson. Other shinsa papers not necessary, nor honami kofun. Also, not interested in purchasing Juyo level. If not for sale, I would be interested in photographs of the sayagaki if possible. Thanks Brent
  18. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Francis Boyd? I haven't seen anything published by him for several years and was wondering if anyone knew if he is still around. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Brent
  19. Is there anyway to set it up that if you buy the three volume hardback version you can get the eBook as well? That might solve it for those of us who have the eBook, but also want a Hardback copy. (primarily us old people that still have Wood bookshelves) Regards, Brent
  20. I am not sure what to make of the registration numbers. I have a Showa 26 number 5289 and a Showa 32 number 6428. I find it hard to beieve they only registered 1139 swords in around 7 years. There must of been different offices registering and the numbers aren't sequential. I don't know what else to think? Brent
  21. wbt

    New Kantei Form

    I think based on sugata, mix of itame and masame hada which appears to stand out, shirake utsuri (seen in some kunimune blades), suguha and nie hotsure. Also the the fact you said it wasn't obvious, but looks like a Yamato den product. nambokucho/early muromachi Uda nidai kunimune or 3rd gen. Long shot, but Uda is pretty generic. Regards Brent
  22. Markus, I think those of us that purchased it from Lulu when it was a digitally protected copy are no longer able to download. If we look at our status page on Lulu it states that the eIndex book is no longer available for download. I think those who bought after they discontinued carrying the digitally protected copy are able to download. Regards, Brent
  23. No harm taken. I didn't purchase this tsuba. It came on a Koshirae from Japan and was replaced by a more appropriate one. (The koshirae was a very nice early Edo one with Silver fittings and this Muromachi iron one didn't belong.) I have seen hundreds of tsubas and never one like this without mimi.. I have even seen ones with the Mimi or Fukurin removed and they are generally badly damaged. My curiosity in asking about it was that a very well known Nihonto Scholar in Japan said it was perfectly normal and had seen ones like this before. I found that incredible, but wasn't going to second guess his wisdom. I am only looking for collective opinion here as to whether anyone as scene this type before. Obviously not, so case closed.
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