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  1. So my father also gave me this tsuba as a birthday gift. He said that despite the rust he enjoyed the design and was fascinated on how such tiny holes could be drilled (and even how the drill it's self could be sharpened) would the design be shippo? The mei..I've tried. Perhaps Kofu ju..?




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  2. I was given this tsuba as a birthday gift. Its 7cmx6.6x0.3cm depicting a village scene inlaid in copper. Tsuchime finish with a fukurin (not sure what type of metal?) Would it be a hammer or a liadle depicted? I guess late edo Shoami work?


    Many thanks 


    Rob M





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  3. Was bored from lockdown and from the fairly poor eBay pics it looked OK for a low bid. It almost has a nanban style look with shakudo insert in ana. Personally I find the design pleasing but the execution lacking.

  4. So picked this up last minute on eBay based on some average photos. What bugs me is the lack of attention to detail in the rim where it's plain uneven in parts. Any ideas on school (hizen?) or just late Edo period hobby work?




  5. Thanks for the comments both. There is cross hatching on both sides of the seppa dai (something I haven't noticed before, with remnants of silver which I thought was just patina wear) The hatching even covers the mei. I presume with its original silver surface the mandate would have really stood out.

  6. Hi chaps, would you consider the design of this tsuba to be hanchiman-za (opening at the top of kabuto?) It's signed kunihiro, any ideas on school and what the design near the rim represents? 6.5 x 6 X 0.5




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