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    Okay, an update, and thankfully it should be the last one. UPS just notified me that the package was officially cleared by USFWS this morning (and I have the paperwork to prove it). @Brian I did find those other threads, thank you for sharing them, and thanks to all who have contributed to this topic over the years. And now hopefully I can add this insight to the mix. The amended invoice I submitted contained the following information re: the samegawa: Handle is wrapped in stingray skin (shagreen). Genus: Dasyatis Species: Dasyatis pastinaca Source: U; (This item is approximately 36 years old.) <-- ['U' is the USFWS code for 'unknown', which is most likely what will apply for shipments like ours because there's no way to know how the animal was obtained.] Country of origin: Japan This is the invoice that the USFWS used to clear the package and the genus/species they noted on the clearance form. It was truthful to the best of my ability. That said, after more research I now believe the actual species may be Dasyatis akajei. Everyone should note that this particular species is currently listed 'near threatened,' which is something to keep an eye on in the future. If that status changes for the worse, it could become impossible to import modern samegawa, and difficult/risky to import antique samegawa. All of this is of course only in reference to the USA. Thanks all for your help.
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    Hi Mark, I'd rather suggest a Hizen attribution for your tsuba. Edo Higo could also be a less likely call. The "weared" appearance of nunome-zōgan usually seen in Jakushi tsuba is also present in some Hizen and Edo Higo works. Moreover Jakushi tsuba are usually signed (only one in six Jakushi tsuba is mumei in my database of NBTHK papers). Here below some Hizen examples:
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    One listed on Aoi-art: https://www.aoijapan.com/katana-koa-isshin-mantetsu-saku/
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    I'm in the camp of real blade with bad polish and put together mounts. I don't think it's Bizen though, mostly because the end of the tang looks more like Kaga or another school. Bizen tangs usually don't taper and have a fairly round end.
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    Gilt is 70/30 Copper/Zinc brass, that can be electroplated.
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    Coming back to this late, but the latest photos are helpful. I am now open to the idea that this an authentic blade (shinto shobu-zukuri wakizashi) that has been put into an amateur polish and fake fittings. Perhaps a bad machi-okuri as well when the amateur habaki was added, giving the blade its odd sugata and proportionately overlong nakago.
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    Hi. I got this tsuba a while back and have always thought of it as Jakushi School. I’m thinking later, mid edo maybe. Do you agree? It is very intact and great condition. Measures 8.5 x 8.3cm. I love the design which is very complex and finely executed with varying shades of gold and silver. I am away from home at the moment and only have this pic on my phone. mark
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    The complete stamp should look like the image below.
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    Let it as it is. It looks nice. After wrap with new it you will see nothing. Btw i don't like new bleached same. It looks like plastic. This is same from two chinese replica swords after i aged it with my mixture.
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    28th Series Mantetsu, Early Army Contract. ク 四七一 = KU 471. 昭和壬午秋 = Autumn 1942. M inspection mark along with subassembly number. 満鐵作 = SMR made.
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    Another example here: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/h516314955
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    Its mainly the black stain...id also consider couple options if the oxy fails. White wash it....and or tea or coffee stain for the aged antique look.
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    H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) 30% will help, but take care!
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    I frequently receive packages from abroad and am still learning about the things which have to be explicitly added to the item descriptions. The process at customs will depend on who handles your package. Among the things I've recently learnt: - Explicitly mention that the item being imported is not considered "war material" - Break down the structure of the address for the sender (especially if from Japan because our and their addresses are so different) so that the sender doesn't have to guess how to fill each address field. That sounds silly but I ended up with a package where the address field CITY was left blank and the sword got a round-trip between France and Japan ! I guess this experience goes into the "things you learn the hard way" category.
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    Try these: https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/1860-importingexporting-and-customs-queries-and-advice/?tab=comments#comment-172225 https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/16514-item-held-up-in-us-customs/?tab=comments#comment-172224 https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/12696-samegawa/?tab=comments#comment-131417 https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/24789-soon-to-happen-declaration-for-importation-or-exportation-of-fish-or-wildlife/?tab=comments#comment-250909
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    Absolutely agreed, I am new to the site and already know that Ray is one of the experts . I think in this case, the seller may have just had the blade with no fittings, and slapped it together for quick sale to me. Thank you for being on team real!
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    Thank you Ray for circling back around, I am glad to hear the blade is real. Now I can get to work: ID smith, match the fittings to the period (I have a Goto school tsuba with shi shi and peonies), some umeghane filling, and new polish should do it.
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    I agree with Ray here. Badly abused blade put together with modern Chinese fittings.
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    I’m also still in the "it’s real" team. The mountings are 100% fake and maybe Ray has part of the truth here. Someone may have found a blade in Shirasaya with wooden Habaki and wanted to mount it as a wakizashi, bought one of those awful repros, ditched the blade and mounted that one in. If so, bad idea, a Shirasaya would have looked better. Gordan, let me add that if in doubt though. You should trust Ray's opinion wayyyyyy over mine!
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    Very nice Copper handled type 95 you got there Neil! In the early stages of production, and a carry over issue from the type 32's, was the problem of corrosion with scabbards. Some very few had a grey primer below the top coat, while others had what appears to be a 'gold wash' applied. The application has the appearance of being an electroplating style and not sprayed on type. This has been mentioned in F&G and has been found only on the very first patterns. I have a similar 'gold/brass' one in the 4000 range. These are very desirable in my opinion. I have actually seen this sword in hand some years back,( before you snapped it up!) and it has good provenance and a real beautiful patina on the copper handle..... very nice!!
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    I've never had any problem with Customs, nor have I ever had to give my SSN. That sounds a bit fishy.
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