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  2. "50 Shades Of Grey" s Anatomy for $1000 please!
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  4. Someone will write an opera about all of this . Possibly calling it ' I have no idea whatsoever '. Roger j
  5. If you go back to the thread in Military, "Kai Gunto" around 9th October 2020, you will find a detailed study of this sword. In fact, in Bruce's pdf, photos of my very sword are featured. I offer this for sale at USD600, way less than I paid for it when it's origins were unknown. But, I was able to get probably the best out there. Glorious in all respects, arsenal stamped and signed blade that has not had the end of the Nakago cut off, an applied Hamon on the rust proof blade, beautiful black lacquer Saya and mint fittings. The blade is manufactured during WW2 by the Toyokawa Navy Arsenal. I have seen these genuine blades put in WW2 koshirae and sold for much bigger prices. I am not advocating that of course. This is still a nice piece of Japanese sword history. And still appreciated by military sword collectors, the potential buyer will not be disappointed, it looks stunning as a display piece.
  6. Looking for some insight, I purchased a gamble wazikashi from a seller with some conflicting information in listing. Finally have the sword in hand and hoping a more experienced eye can shed some light. Seller had it listed as koto wazikashi, muromachi/eiroku era (1558-1570) and also mentioned the kane period (1716-1736) in the same description. The Kanemoto line is long and deep so matching the mei has been difficult and could even be gimei for all I know. The tsuba was listed as signed Shaomi. Sword is a 21.5" nagasa in a wood laquered saya and I can't tell exactly what creature the menuki represents. It does have some age but how much im finding difficult and its in old polish...so here you go! *seller had also claimed the tsuba was a $500 tsuba...any truth?
  7. You need to look closely at the kanji on your sword, as there are many kanji that have identical readings. The kanji on your sword is 貞久 And the kanji you are showing me in the book is 定久 You need to be looking for swordsmiths who signed with 貞久.
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  9. This guy is truly unhinged. With all the aggression, threats, and psychotic behavior, etc., I think that if anyone actually did receive a package from Babu/Chippy/Adam, they should be very careful opening it or handling anything inside...
  10. Thank you so much steve!! I am honored to receive feedback from all of you, it is very deeply appreciated! I found this, does that look helpful?
  11. Yours looks like 来貞久作 (Rai Sadahisa saku) This is a signature that doesn't show up in my online searches. In Markus Sesko's swordsmith compendium, there are three smiths who used the name 貞久: one who worked from 1532-1555, one who worked from 1596-1615, and another who worked from 1661-1673. None of these three used "Rai" in their name, as far as I know. ("Rai" is a family/lineage of swordsmiths). There was a smith in the late 1600s who signed 越中守来貞幸 (Etchū no kami Rai Sadayuki), so I would guess your smith may be related to him since they both use the same kanji for Sada (貞) and both are claiming the "Rai" lineage. The timing feels better also, since the wakizashi comes into wider production from the 1600s.
  12. He's the Ice Cream man, stop him when he's passing byyyyyyeeeeeee......!!!!!!
  13. I understand Trystan. I thought the swords here are in collection. I delete the screenshot for the moment and record only the numbers, type and producer.
  14. I watched the entire video out of professional necessity.....the nervous laughter, the jittery handling of the sword, the profligate spending on items he has no knowledge or experience with....the burglars can go back for round 2 with the helpful inside knowledge...basically a how NOT to video. Some people just have to jump off into the deep end of the pool without learning to swim first.
  15. What does the blade say?? Photos?? BaZZa.
  16. Ugh... just another YouTuber abusing a work of art for views. After the way he drew the blade from its shirasaya, I physically cringed. And then all the breathing over the blade. He needs an experienced person to teach him some basics; but I doubt he'd be interested. I hope the thieves come back to liberate this blade, at least then it has a chance to find a better home. I stopped after five minutes, it was too much cringe.
  17. Thank you for the information!! I know to keep the blade lightly oiled and do change the oil monthly, I will read the link you sent me for further knowledge. Thanks again!
  18. Wasn't sure whether to post this in the Izakaya or not. This YouTuber previously posted an antique katana they had purchased and announced his intention to practice polishing on it. Apparently enough people spoke out negatively in the comments that he took down that video, but you can see in this new one that he not only purchased an even more expensive antique, but also a ~$500 Namikawa polishing kit, so... still seems like he is intent on practicing togi without traditional training. Hopefully he won't be doing so on anything valuable. This post isn't strictly about that, however. He also announces that he might auction this blade off with no reserve - so maybe someone here will be able to rescue it from whatever followers he has? Unfortunately it seems that whatever details about the auction may exist are locked behind a Patreon paywall at https://www.patreon.com/burrfection (there is an Oct. 15 post titled "Katana Auction - anyone?"). I don't want to pay this channel just to find out if he is indeed auctioning the blade, so that's about as much as I can say.
  19. All 5 NCO sword under my name in your database are not mine. I will try to find out the numbers of my Type 95's some how. The problem is , I stored my swords at my friend's place since I'm out of the country for a while.
  20. Contest to spot his next incarnation??? He'd probably slide if he wasnt so pathetic in his attempts. Just be normal Adam!!
  21. I did but I was worried I was just being paranoid. I’m clearly not paranoid enough.
  22. Didn't you read the rubbish shaming us all for loss to board. Of course it was him.
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