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Buzen Ju Mitsuyoshi - Gendai tanto

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#1 stephan_hiller


    Jo Saku

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Posted 25 September 2019 - 04:11 PM



some weeks ago I acquired a gendai tanto signed Buzen Ju Mitsuyoshi and dated 1936. It had some rust spots that I cleaned carefully with oil and uchiko and I think the blade is now in a stable state. However, what puzzles me most about the blade is that I cannot find a reference to a gendai smith Mitsuyoshi. 


I looked into 

- Modern Japanese Swords - Beginning of the Gendaito Era (Kapp)

- Modern Japanese Swordsmiths (Slough)

- Modern Japanese Sword and Swordsmiths - From 1866 to the Present (Kapp)

- Swords and Swordsmitht of the Gendaito Period (Fimio)

- Swords of Imperial Japan (Dawson)

- Mility swords of Japan (Fuller/Gregory)


But not a single word about a gendai smith Mitsuyoshi.


I would really appreciate if I can get more information about the smith but when I search on the Internet I find only the auction where I got the tanto from



Blade type                Tanto

Suguta                      Hira-zukuri

Nagasa                     26 cm

Moto-haba                2.5 cm

Moto-kasane            0.7 cm

Mune                        Ihori

Hamon                     Suguha

Boshi                       Ko-maru

Nagako-nagasa       8.7 cm

Nakago condition   Ubu

Mekugi-ana             1

Nakago-jiri              Ha-agari / Kuri-jiri

Yasurime                 Kiri


Omote                     BUZEN JU MITSUYOSHI

Ura                          SHOWA JU ICHI NEN GO GATSU KICHI JITSU (A lucky day in may 1936)

Period                     Gendai

Koshirae                 Shirasaya

Habaki                    Silver habaki

Comments             Tanto with bohi on both sides





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Stephan Hiller - Hamburg, Germany

#2 Ganko


    Jo Jo Saku

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Posted 25 September 2019 - 06:18 PM

He is not listed in the Nihonto Meikan either. Looks like a decent quality piece and seems to have a nijuba temper.

Tom C

#3 Ken-Hawaii



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Posted 25 September 2019 - 07:35 PM

Not nijuba.

Ken Goldstein

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#4 cisco-san


    Jo Jo Saku

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Posted 27 September 2019 - 11:30 AM



seems the be a very nice blade.

I also found no information about this smith.

But I guess some of our Gendaito guys, or Ray.... could help!

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Klaus Schicker

#5 Ray Singer

Ray Singer


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Posted 27 September 2019 - 11:53 AM

Not a smith I can find in my references, or that I have seen before.
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#6 vajo


    Tokubetsu Juyo

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Posted 27 September 2019 - 02:08 PM

The patination is very good for a sword from 1936. It is a nice tanto. 

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