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Togishi In Slovakia (Martin Hornak)

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In the time there is world , we are people of todays society and novadays philosophy .

Individual feelings are involved into words and discussions,.

There is such thing like self reflection , we all have apearence on others . friendships or oposit .

I can say from experience that magic of samurai sword is power that can twist your mind to make life confortable or even harder .

We do self eficient existing with necesary manners to survive .

People have feelings from body position dayly life situations and culture thay are living in .

As point of wieu of westeners and thair characters are diferent from the one we are involved the Japanese culture , into the very heart of samurai spirit the soul , samurai sword Japanese sword , metalurgical magic that can not be described onto simple thing .

I say involved this word describe the position where western world is standing and discussing what thay do . we are part of it now , the world is free to get close and see the samurai sword yes ,. but the confort is diferent , to observe to study to feel its power and magic .

Now right to the center , there is many people with lots of swords in possetion today . you deserve it , it is says that sword will find its owner ,.

As warrior samurai rich or poor that had only two kimonos and smal house where in winter feels the cold like freezy legs when sleeping in winter in Japan , is not so simple in old days , even today !!! try it .

This old feudal human soul feels like sword possesion death or life everyday loyalty and honor , truth and simply to react straight .

Discussion i have been told in Japan about this real situations , samurais life stories , brings you to real statement of where we are and what we do today .

One sword single Japanese sword have memories old battles , rust damage , fight damage , reusage technicaly today we call it damage , but !!! diferent story for real samurai . 

Retempered swords fundamentaly common thing in old days , burned swords in possesion as treasure from shogun or high rank samurai lords. Many people do not feel its importance today .


Very best healthy old swords with some ship after fight presented today , great oportunity for the sword to survive another thousand years . 

Siting on cold winter flore in Japan , to be ready react and be mind fresh not complicated expectations .

Observing great old swords famose names gods on earth in the past ,.


That will tell us imaginations who we are and what we have chance to learn,. How we react and express orselves is very important.


This is small amount words i love to tell , how difficult is to imagine what realy means even to get close to study .


Observing culture from distance or trying find something into it is very important to start in the very heart .


my few words i formed into this smal frame ,. next the real swords . :)

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