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#1 Grey Doffin

Grey Doffin


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Posted 06 December 2015 - 04:14 PM

Hi guys,

Some time ago I posted in the For Sale or Trade forum an item from my website.  One of the moderators moved it to the Online Auctions forum.  Fine by me so the next time I listed something from my site I put it in the Online Auctions forum.  One of the mods moved it to the For Sale forum.  Yesterday I posted to the For Sale and, of course, it got moved.

I'm happy to play by the rules but I'm not sure what they are.  Makes sense if I'm selling something to use the For Sale forum, doesn't it?  The Online Auctions forum can be kept for posting sales that the poster isn't involved with.  Please clarify.


#2 Brian



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Posted 06 December 2015 - 04:59 PM

All items in the For Sale section HAVE to have a price. I do not want people saying  "check the site, there are prices there"

So if a person is listing something for sale, it goes there with a price, or even multiple items.


When someone is saying "check out that eBay auction" or "that website is having a sale" and is pointing to an online link, then it goes in the "Sales or Sellers" section.
Even when it is your own sale.

The same applies when discussing a seller, auction, or upcoming sale. No prices...it goes there. It is also when the poster is not directly marketing a single item, no pics and no price. Just a pointer to look somewhere else.


Frankly, your last post with items for sale and no prices should have been met with the usual "please post prices here" and removed until that was done.

But in recognition of the fact that you are a prolific dealer, supporter and long term member, instead of a rap on the knuckles, the post was moved to the "online sale" section without having to beg for prices to be posted, out of respect to you and your position in the community.


The whole "Auctions and online sales or sellers" section is a make-shift section that is fluid and is there to cater for the times that the normal commercial section is inappropriate.
The rough guide would largely be: "multiple items, advertised online somewhere, with no prices or pics posted here"

But it is fluid as stated.

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